Slowly, the United States, a groove in the campaign mode. In the case of the opposition Democrats, the first of the presidential candidates, candidates to throw their hats in the Ring, and incumbent Donald Trump, well, has left the campaign mode never really – as he said at the annual meeting of conservative activists and members of Parliament once again, and impressively. Because the Democrats tend currently to the left, some prominent faces such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a name even the democratic socialists, Malta, the US President, the spectre of “socialism” on the wall. So far, so predictable.

Donald Trump, the flag cuddlers

more Surprising, however, to demonstrate How Donald Trump his love of country tried. In conservative US circles, unconditional Patriotism is an absolute Must – have, traditionally, in addition, almost the opposite of socialism, and so what Trump did? The on the stage to the right of him standing U.S.-flag danced in front of his speech, as it were, from the rear, Yes, hugged her, dam she was ordered to formally. A cradled you, twice back and forth and settled for it from the enthusiastic crowd to celebrate.

The acknowledged, but ultimately a little awkward faithful testimony to the flag and country was, unsurprisingly, in the network with joy and mockery. While a part of the audience was unsure of whether or not the Geknuddel the case actually under the offense of flag desecration, others saw clearly a sexual Background, while the third group is challenging simply his state of mind. Ultimately, the President, all the talk will be just right, guaranteed to him again a couple of pictures and a few mentions. You can perform it.