What Kim Jong-Un, as likely as not? The former German foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has given during his visit to North Korea, the powers-that-a book about his home town of Goslar. The SPD politician told the newspaper “Tagesspiegel”. He had presented the book together with a further Band to the Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs of the country. Gabriel met Kim during his visit to the isolated country, however, not personally.

the member of The Bundestag, the SPD was last week in North Korea. He reported in the “daily mirror” of harrowing impressions: “The people edit there the ground with the simplest of devices, and with the hands. Instead of tractors, one sees oxen pulling the plow. And every square meter is being edited, because the country is constantly in danger, to land in a time of famine.”

Sigmar Gabriel praises Trump for North Korea-approach

at the same time, he defended his week-long trip to the Communist dictatorship. It was a “private trip”. “I’ve flown neither with a public service mission to North Korea, organized the trip by public Authorities, or paid for.”

The rapprochement policy of U.S. President Donald Trump to North Korea praised Gabriel. “We love it, Yes, to criticize Trump. But I think here he is right.” Trump had already meet two of the summit with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un held. The second Meeting in Vietnam ended, however, without a result.