jacket, hat, gloves: From Flensburg to lake Constance and it became freezing cold. Responsible for the High “Brigida”, that brings polar air to the us to Germany is – and this does not move. The result is that at Night it cools under a clear sky and sensitive. And: one end is not in sight. “The winter period is likely to continue, according to current model forecast is for several weeks“, – quotes the “world” by a meteorologist from the German weather service (DWD).

But what, exactly, is that going to have on us? It is a normal cold period, which alternates with muddy plus degrees? Or the freezing cold in Germany? “The next few days are characterized by cold but quiet winter weather,” on “Wetter.de”. You can set on blue sky and cold. Snow is for the experts, there is currently no topic. The time of the snow turbulence in the mountains was, according to the German weather service, at least for this weekend. If the edge of the Alps trickle on Sunday occasionally, but a few flakes of snow, their number is certainly in bounds.

struggle for Survival in the snow

wild animals suffer, the pests remain: What is the extreme winter for the natural means

large parts of the German Alps drown in Snow. This extreme Winter is mainly a stress test for the wild animals. Farmers can look forward to, however, after the long drought on the weather.


the Cold mountains in the Mediterranean and in the Alps

The lowest temperatures will be reached, where the snow is, so in the mid-mountain valleys in the Alps. According to the DWD down to minus 20 degrees in the nights here are minus 10. The coming week starts with a Mix of sun and clouds. However, cold, dry Siberian air comes first to us. From the middle of the next week, the forecasters also expect snow, mainly in Western Germany, the low foothills would then provide for precipitation. In North Rhine-Westphalia to spread on Tuesday across the Board clouds, and up to three inches of snow, so the “world”. In Berlin and Brandenburg, the maximum temperatures are just above Zero, at night, temperatures drop to Minus 15 degrees. this can be the way to get smoothness. to know



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Ilona Kriesl

Also in the southwest of Germany must prepare for a cold wave. Up to minus 15 degrees at night. “In the next few nights will be crisp Frost,” said a DWD spokesman for the “world”.

to The North, in Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein will have to adjust during the day to values around the freezing point. At night, in lower Saxony, Germany up to minus 9 degree cold, in Hamburg, the experts expect around 5 degrees below Zero.

The cold snap was on, the experts are almost expected. By the end of 2018, there were forecasts for the “Berlin phenomenon”: “This is nothing more than a massive cold air intrusion from the East,” Jan Schenk, a meteorologist for “The Weather Channel” to “Focus”.

Now it’s getting cold!

down To Minus 20 degrees: expert extreme cold wave in Germany

expect It is cold in Germany: The German weather service (DWD) anticipates that by the middle of next week, with a cold wave, which could take up to four weeks. Up to Minus 20 degrees, it could be cold at night.

DPA February is cold,

, According to a forecast of “Wetter.de” for Saxony, temperatures. until the middle of February, is hardly the 0-degree mark by the break, and is thus significantly below the long-term average Overall, the weather experts of the portal have calculated that in some States the average is up to 4 degrees. Thus, the February could be the first month in a long time, which is too cold. The past few months – and especially of course of the hot summer were significantly too warm.

cold coming

Up to Minus 10 degrees from Monday night – only in these three regions remains frost-free

Germany will have to adjust to a cold snap, experts say. From Sunday evening it is really cold Up to Minus 10 degrees, the experts of the German weather service expect. Only in three regions there is no Frost.


it Is a winter of the Century? Since the experts have a hard time. Clear is only, that January was so far to mild. American forecasters also expect the February is to be warm. The European counterparts are more cautious, possibly February is even a little cold. The only certainty is that Germany will have to wear for the next week warm. “I’ve rarely seen that all the computer models point out so clearly on a same development,” said DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich on Friday.