the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer is happy about the Initiative of more than a hundred lung doctors, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide limits in question.

“We need a holistic point of view,” said the CSU politician on Thursday morning in the ARD morning magazine. “If over 100 scientists close together, it is a Signal.” The previous debate he called it “very bizarre”.

The group of lung specialists questioned the health Benefits of the applicable limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides (NOx). They see no scientific rationale that would justify the current upper limits, said in a statement.

limits are the basis for diesel bans in cities. In the EU a year for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) mean of 40 micrograms per cubic meter for respirable dust, and there are values depending on the particle size. The values can be exceeded for longer, are bans for Diesel vehicles to the debate. The Union holds the values to be too high.

Scheuer said, the EU gives the possibility to limit the measuring stations to be placed where the air pollutants are highest. This he considers “a reasonable approach to the limits”.