Probably the mayor of Feuquières has no dog – or at least no hours of barking. Because that’s exactly the will be punished in the 1400-souls village in the North of France since this Monday. Mr Chen, whose dogs make it to long and to loud noise, you must reckon with a fine of 68 euros. This news has made the place known throughout the country, mayor Jean-Pierre Estienne had to defend the regulation, even in the biggest tabloid of the country, in the “Parisien”. Also, the British BBC, the Bell-spell of Feuquières is a story of value. Many dog owners are likely to shake on the law of the head.

The penalties had been introduced as a reaction to the loud and never ending barking in the village, day and night, arguing the city hall chief. In Feuquières, the situation had become unbearable. Therefore, the city Council decided this month, a regulation to force the dogs and especially their owners – more discipline. It prohibits, among other things, that the animals are locked up, without Mr Chen is in the vicinity. “The city has nothing against dogs,” says Estienne. But who needs to educate themselves to a purchase, it also. Dogs, the made in Free of incessant noise, must be brought into the house.

dogs barking too loud, expensive,

For every complaint about loud Barking can be a fine imposed. If Hasso is spent, so once again total, it must pay Mr. Chen, if it is the neighbors colorful.


Feuquières is situated in the North of France, has about 1400 inhabitants and is just because of the YAP, YAP, YAP-ban famous

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And why the small village of Feuquières has, of all things, such a regulation? The city fathers have introduced it, according to the press reports, mainly because of a single Person: In the place of a dog live in owner, some very large, but, above all, loud – terrorize your neighbors with your dogs, literally. All Attempts to find the woman’s solution had failed, so the mayor. With the regulation to be calm in the small village.

What bells sucks more – the dogs or the Church?

without a doubt, the Bell-prohibition is not – quite the contrary. Especially animal rights activists make a stand against it and want to challenge the regulation before a court of law. You could turn off the bells of the Church on Sunday mute, is cited as an advocate of animal rights in the BBC. The bells are nervous, after all, some people. The dogs were now barking times – they had their snouts.

The bells may continue to ring. The Barking should be heard in Feuquières now quieter and less often. The place have nothing at all against dogs, reaffirms the mayor Estienne. A type of “Woof” in a reasonable volume will not also be punished in the future.

sources: “Le Parisien” , BBC

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