Two months before the national election in Austria, Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Short (ÖVP) surprisingly, in Erklärungsnot: The destruction of data carriers from the Chancellery, immediately before the imminent fall of his government was more extensive than previously thought.

According to information of the magazine “Falter” has a member of staff of the Chancellery in may, five instead of a hard drive from an external company to destroy, and not by experts of the house.

It had happened in the 25-year history of the company, that is someone under a false name and with such effort, hard drives got destroyed, was the managing Director of the company from the “Butterfly” cited on Tuesday.

The shredding took place a few days after it was announced that “Ibiza-Videos”, the on 27. May led to the overthrow of the Short-run government in a vote of censure in Parliament.

It is unclear what data were on the hard drives. The temporal proximity to the known will of Videos, in which the Ex-Vice-Chancellor and Ex-FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache of an alleged Russian oligarchs-niece of economic benefits in return for donations to the FPÖ in view, has led to speculation that the destruction of the data could have something to do with the scandal.

in Short, currently on a Tour in California’s Silicon Valley, this has to be rejected. The destruction of sensitive data in view of the impending deselection is not offensive, but a normal part of the operation.

at The time of this reaction, the speech was, however, only a single disk drive. Austria’s Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein, said that “the deletion of certain sensitive, not to the Federal archive law under the data corresponds to the usual practice in the case of government change.” Nevertheless, the case would be examined. Also, the Prosecutor’s office has been turned on.

The political opponents of the ÖVP scenting the morning air and start to parliamentary questions. The social Democrats and the liberal Neos want to know, among other things, who knew of the destruction of data of the Chancellery files. The Neos-the Deputy Stephanie Krisper want is determined by the current transition government request information from as many people and due to which circumstances and offences.

The SPÖ, in turn, wants to know from Chancellor Bierlein, who has used the printer, the hard drives were brought to the shredding out of the house. Finally, the question is asked, whether it’s a Short and other Cabinet members took their phones or returned.

on Tuesday, from the “Butterfly” posted Video of a surveillance camera to the staff of the Chancellery, as he is most nervous about the disks in the specialized company to destroy. In the process, he had passed on three times, shredding, said the managing Director of the company, the “Butterfly”.

Because the man paid the bill on 76,45 Euro and not to be found under the specified data was reported to the company due to fraud. Finally, the man in the environment of the Ex has been tracked-Chancellor.

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