Can provide regular driving tests for senior citizens for more road safety? The car is considered to be the most dangerous means of transport and nevertheless, the discussion about driving tests is a sensitive issue, because of the driver’s license is a Symbol for autonomy and freedom. But what happens when this freedom is the danger? A threat, for example, of older road users?

Germany is one of the last six European countries, no mandatory driving have introduced fitness tests for seniors. In other countries of the EU, such as in Italy and Portugal, motorists aged 50 and over. Years of age pass a Test in order to obtain your driving license, keep. The nature and regularity of the Tests and the commencement of the age may vary from country to country.

growth of the older accident by 50 percent

An evaluation of the Federal Statistical office shows that the number of seniors who caused a traffic accident, has increased steadily in recent years, since 1991, to 50 per cent. Entering complaints in old age may affect, for example, the driving behavior and thus the risk of a traffic accident. The sense of performance and coordination may decrease.

researchers now recommend, a kind of testing for seniors. Siegfried Brockmann, head of the accident research for the insurance industry, told the “Berliner Morgenpost”: “Many older drivers lack self-knowledge.“ Brockmann calls, therefore, for a Test from the age of 75 years, who hold a one-hour drive accompanied by an expert and then recon the call leg. An automatic suspension of the licence was not intended.

The Minister of transport relies on individual responsibility

“Everyone should regularly check his Fitness and skills in the field of road transport,“ said Andreas Scheuer of the CSU, the Funke media group. Scheuer rated traffic statistics as eye-catching and said that he expected in the future with Autonomous vehicles, which would make it easier for the seniors on the road anyway, since you will no longer have to drive myself. The ADAC expects that “older drivers behave in the road traffic, as a rule, carefully, defensively and with foresight,“ reported the Südwestrundfunk online.

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