A day after the fatal shooting in a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, the evidence of a terrorist Background. The police stops an act of terrorism, according to initial findings, most likely. It will give the appropriate instructions, according to police. Among other things, a letter that was found in the getaway car of the offender. The police does not exclude a crime of passion, or other motives. We summarize what speaks for the Terror and what a crime of passion.

The accountability for the terrorist friends of Gökmen T. told the TV station NOS that he lived for a time as “a devout Muslim” to grow a Beard and long robes.According to NOS, the family of Gökmen T. supporters of a Salafist sect, the so-called “Caliphate state”, in the 1990s, founded in Germany in sect.The brother of T. is supposed to be in this cult active, more reports NOS.According to the police, two more persons were in custody. They are accused of “manslaughter with a terrorist Background”.According to the television channel RTL Nieuws, and news agencies was in the car of a letter to Protect the word “Allah”, the laying of a terrorist motive close to.According to the police in Utrecht there is due to the first identifying object relationships between the perpetrators and the Victims. It is in the dead a 19-year-old woman and two men aged 28 and 49 years. The BeziehungstatEin eye-witness said on NOS Radio, according to his impression of the offender had it apart specifically to a woman.The Turkish state news Agency Anadolu reported, citing unspecified relatives of T., the man I shot because of a family matter to a woman, possibly a relative. Then he had opened fire on the people who want to help the woman.According to neighbors Gökmen T. was religious, nor radically, according to “image”. Other neighbors have expressed similar views, reports tagesschau.de.T. I wanted also of his aunt’s money, which is not going to give them to him.Dutch Newspapers reported, citing people close to the alleged perpetrator, the Turkish-born, but in the Utrecht-born man was deemed aggressive Criminal.The channel NOS according to Gökmen T. was accused of rape. The victim, his Ex-girlfriend, had alerted the police, according to the NOS: “He is not a Terrorist, but a psycho”, she said.

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