In a supermarket in the U.S. state of Texas should be dropped according to a report of shots fired. The police in the city of El Paso has called on Twitter to a shopping Mall keep. She warned that in the area a shooter would be.

The local station KTSM reported that 18 people had been taken in a Walmart of shots. The extent of their injuries was not known. A confirmation from the official side there was to this information initially. The situation was chaotic.

In another Twitter message, wrote to the police, it was still an active crime scene. It’ll Protect a number of reports over several. Forces searched the area. The CNN channel reported, citing eyewitnesses, the police had a large contingent on site.

Only on Tuesday, two people were killed in the state of Mississippi in a Walmart by gunfire. At the weekend, a 19-opened-Year-old during a festival in the small town of Gilroy in Northern California, the fire and three people killed. The shooter was shot and killed by police officers at the scene.

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