temperatures far over 30 degrees and plenty of sunshine – the summer weather in Germany attracts bathing lovers to the water. But the swimming pools it is missing in many places, of trained lifeguards.

“This is a nationwide Problem,” says the President of the Federal Association of German swimming champion, Peter resin home. He estimates that currently at least 2500 trained swimming champion is missing in the about 6000 of local government or a private company-operated pools.

Because there are too few lifeguards, is required in the swimming pools of ingenuity. So, for example, the family and the leisure pool is not open in Lahr in the black forest this summer for all swimmers. Because there is no appropriate lifeguard could be set, it must not only members of the Association on sun aalen chairs and Blankets. You see, for legal reasons, no other way, says the Association’s Chairman, Cornelia Lord.

For safety of students and pensioners, who have completed an examination as a lifeguard to worry about. They were formed, but not for all of the duties of a life guard, adds Lord. The shortage of skilled workers, she says: “This is a Problem that is likely to intensify in the future.” To fill vacancies is difficult as the birth, adopted strong vintages from the ’50s and’ 60s into retirement and the labour market, fewer forces were available.

Also President of the Association, resin home reported that some of the bathrooms changed due to the lack of staff, opening Hours or at times even the operation would have to cease. Although the bottleneck in the training to let slow, he says. Also there were large regional differences. “But the bottom of the valley we have not yet through,” he says.

Not only is the population development can be considered as a reason for the shortage of skilled workers at the water’s edge. Resin home thinks that I have changed also the mentality: a Lot of young people no longer willing to be in the summer, to spend seven days in the week at work. Neither paid working hours are considered to be attractive, he says. Although I have improved with the collective agreement for the public service in 2017, the Situation. Of employees benefited, but only if the operator of the baths keep in mind. This is about the use of private operators is not always the case.

The Problem is more pronounced in the provinces to varying degrees. Unlike in Baden-Württemberg, a Federal state like North Rhine-could more young-Westphalia form, since there the structures are different. So there is in local governments often have both indoor as well as outdoor pools, what is the training necessary. There, the staff leave, depending on the needs in the different baths. This is, for example, in the southwest, less frequently the case than in NRW.

Thomas Herbing of Verdi criticised, many municipalities have formed in the past to little swimming champion. The revenge now. The unionists, however, sees possibilities with which the Situation would generally improve. For example, a modern organization could help to improve the lack of family-friendly working conditions, says Herbing.

Uwe Lübking, the German Association of towns and municipalities are responsible for labour market policy, sees the shortage of skilled workers, a similar injury crisis, the show also has in care homes and day care centres. The reason for this is that many young people visited increasingly, colleges and universities, to inspire rather than for vocational training, he says.

“On the one hand, we hold high the dual training system in Germany, on the other hand, we are promoting this Form of education is enough”, criticizes Lübking. One way or the other – if the bathrooms would have to restrict because of the shortage of skilled staff, opening Hours or even close, then it is a Problem. “Spas are places of encounter, and as part of the municipal services of General interest is essential,” says Lübking.

That refugees can compensate for the shortage of skilled workers quickly, does not believe such a Federation official resin home, however. The people trained was due to the wide variety of tasks difficult. The professionals are required by the swimming pool technology to the legal and administrative client in various areas. “Can’t afford a lot of refugees, people from today to tomorrow,” says resin home. It would be better from his point of view, if municipalities would more promote the varied activities.