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FDP with EN-Hartz-IV-Concept of shoot-out in Munich – two Dead (10:03)crackdown in the state of Hesse in the case of alleged Islamists (8:25 p.m.) Walker dead body (8:12), at Least 69 people died in the Inferno in Dhaka (5:01)Muted expectations of abuse conference (4:51)Berlin-Köpenick to loss of electricity to the grid (4.34 PM)Convertible mobile for 2000 Euro Samsung (3:30)

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+++ 12.57 PM: Red-plant Red-Green in Thuringia parity law +++

The red-red-green government in Thuringia wants to introduce the principle of parity between women and men in the country electoral lists of the parties. The Green vote currently, the draft law on Parity with the coalition partners, the SPD and the left party, such as the “Thüringer Allgemeine” reported. Thus, all parties in the state should be forced by law to do so, on their electoral lists for the Parliament, similar to many men as well as women.

Thus, the parity also applies in the case of direct mandates, wants to Red-halve the Red-Green according to the report, the number of the 44 constituencies. Per constituency to compete for any party or voter community in each case, a candidate and a candidate. Would be elected both as a kind of Tandem. In the state elections at the end of October, the law is not applied yet. The next regular election date would be 2024.

at the end of January the Brandenburg state Parliament had adopted the first Parliament in Germany, a so-called Paritégesetz. It parties stipulates that candidates were men lists women alternate.

+++ at 11:27: Syrian Kurds pass 150 IS pendant to the Iraq +++

The Syrian Kurds have 150 Iraqi IS pendant to the security forces in the neighbouring country handed over. Most of them were wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, said the commander of a tribal militia in the West of Iraq, Katri al-Ubaidi, in a Video that was disseminated on Thursday by local media. The IS-followers would have fought for since 2014 against Iraqis.

+++ 11:13 a.m.: researchers develop blood test to detect breast cancer +++

researchers from Heidelberg have a market-ready developed the blood test for better detection of breast cancer. The new procedure detects cancer with the help of so-called biomarkers and can thus extend previously common diagnostic procedures such as mammography, ultrasound or MRI, such as the University hospital of Heidelberg and the company HeiScreen GmbH reported on Thursday. In a recent study on 500 breast cancer patients the blood test had achieved a hit rate of 75 percent.

+++ 11:02 a.m.: Two Dead after shots fired at construction site in Munich +++

shots on a construction site in Munich, two men have been killed. Among the dead was the suspected gunman, a police spokeswoman on Thursday. His gun had been found. The murder Commission is investigating. Details and background to the act in the district of Au were initially unclear. For the population is no risk, as the spokesperson stressed stock.

specialists of the criminal police started in the morning, to secure tracks, a spokesman said. The bodies had been found between on-site containers. There had been several witnesses.

the caller had reported to the police against 8.50 am on the phone shots. With 30 to 40 patrol cars and civilian vehicles, the officials rushed to the site in the ohlmüller street, as said the spokesman. Also heavily armed special forces had been in use.

a photo of police officers were partly armed and with protective equipment. Construction workers with helmets stood nearby and observed the use of force.

The district office near the construction site has been temporarily closed, opened but a short time later. The Bus and tram traffic in the area was set.

+++ 10:50 p.m.: the Museum must be 30,000 euros for the Dalí works in the video clip numbers +++

The Museum Dalí Berlin must pay for copyright infringement of 30,000 euros to the Dalí Foundation. The Kunsthaus pulled back on the Thursday before the higher regional court of Munich of his calling. Thus, the first-instance judgment.

The Museum had noted from 2011 to 2015 with a Video on his show. Therein surrealistic motives of the Spanish artist Salvador have been combined to Dalí Berlin’s sights. So a cubist angel on the TV tower, for example, were to see, and a zerlaufende PM at the memorial Church. A total of 13 Dalí motifs were seen in 6 of which the court saw a violation of copyright.

Sotheby’s auction

Banksy-image shreds itself after the auction itself – artists speak out

The court warned the Museum that it had come under these circumstances, with the 30,000 euros from the judgment of the district court even on the cheap, and advised the calling to take back. The Foundation manages on behalf of the Spanish state-dalí’s estate, had claimed at least 200,000 euros.

+++ at 10:46: FDP aims to simplify and Hartz IV, the unemployed better + motivate++

In the discussion on the future of Hartz IV, the FDP parliamentary group has presented a private reform concept. A Central point is the additional income rules, which is currently “nothing short of grotesque demotivating” on the Affected had the labor market expert of the group, John bird, said in Berlin on Thursday. To take up work or to increase their working time should be clearly worthwhile.

Federal Agency

photo of Hartz IV measure provides for indignation in the network

The concept for a “liberal citizens’ money,” also provides several social services, such as the social policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Pascal Kober, said. Unemployment benefit II, the accommodation and heating costs, the housing allowance and the child allowance should be summarized, in order to end the “nerve-wracking Offices-Hopping”.

+++ at 10:44: indictment for the murder of hitchhiker Sophia L. collected +++

The public Prosecutor of Bayreuth has collected in the case of the murdered hitchhiker Sophia L. indictment. A Morocco-born truck driver accused of the murder of the 28-Year-old, told investigators on Thursday. He is the hitchhiker in the middle of June on your Weg from Leipzig to Nuremberg in his violence and killed have brought to previously committed offenses to conceal. The body he is said to have then placed in the North of Spain.

+++ at 10:44: Deutsche Telekom wants to almost 13 billion euros in network expansion +++

invest, Deutsche Telekom wants to put in this year to around 12.7 billion euros in mobile networks and broadband networks in the soil. Of which € 4.8 billion is attributable to the humming of the US market, as the group announced on Thursday at the presentation of the balance sheet for the past year. A number for Germany, the Telekom is not called.

+++ at 10:37: BGH: Kunsthalle was allowed to destroy the “Mannheim hole” in the tag +++

the artists have the right to prohibit the destruction of one of their works, however, it is part of a structure, the interests of the owner of a redesign. This judgment has declared to the German Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe on Thursday.

found object art

teacup is to the elephant: This artist creates from shadow illusions

in order for a dispute after year, the Kunsthalle Mannheim was allowed to have two installations of the artist Nathalie Braun Barends is the large-scale and new victims. For this, the “Mannheimer hole” known to work “HHole”, which took in a part of the Building through Openings in the Ceilings on all the levels. Possibly up to 66,000 euros in compensation to the artist for this work. In addition, the higher regional court has to negotiate Karlsruhe. According to the BGH, the claims are not time-barred.

+++ 9:55 p.m.: a million fine and probation in the process of weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch +++

In the trial of five former employees of the weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch for violation of the war weapons control act, sentenced two defendants to suspended sentences. In addition, the Stuttgart regional court imposed in connection with the delivery of almost 5000 assault rifles and accessories in the Mexican unrest provinces, the company said on Thursday a fine in the amount of 3.7 million euros. A former employee was sentenced to 17 months and a former employee to 22 months imprisonment on probation.

+++ 9:51 a.m.: a disabled Commissioner welcomes the “clear decision” from Karlsruhe +++

The disabled Commissioner of the Federal government, Jürgen fuddle, has welcomed the judgment of the Federal constitutional court on voting rights of people with disabilities. “I am very pleased with this clear decision,” he said on Thursday.” I call on the coalition factions, the coalition agreement immediately and without If and But.” In particular, the Union group had to give up “their reluctance”. The Federal constitutional court had decided in the Morning that the previous provisions on the right to vote to the exclusion for the disabled are unconstitutional. The requirements in the Federal election law violated the principle of the generality of the election and against the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of disability, were the judges in Karlsruhe.

+++ 9:15 PM: three-year-old in Berlin died – mother +++

After the death of a three-year-old girl in Berlin, the police have detained the mother. The murder Commission is investigating on suspicion of a homicide, the police announced on Thursday morning. Accordingly, the father had found the girl on Wednesday night seriously injured in an apartment. The child came to a hospital, where it died, according to police. The rescue forces were alerted against 21.30 o’clock. Further details were not immediately known. A homicide has taken up the investigation.

+++ 9:34 PM: Karlsruhe, Germany: the exclusion of supervised people of elections unconstitutional +++

people in need of court-ordered care, may not be a flat rate of elections are excluded. This is true according to a decision published on Thursday by the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe, Germany from the 29. In January, for offenders who are housed, due to inability in a psychiatric hospital. The Second Senate that there had been a violation of the principle of the generality of the election in accordance with article 38 and against the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of disability, in accordance with article 3 of the basic law.


judgment of the Federal labour court

Church and state – this marriage urgently needs to be divorced

+++ 9.13 PM: Pope Francis crisis summit opened to sexual abuse in the Vatican +++

At the invitation of Pope Francis, the Catholic bishops advise since Thursday morning about the consequences of the abuse scandals of the Church. Pope Francis promises to be the summit on the crisis, the sharpening of the consciousness of bishops for the topic of sexual abuse, and agreement on a set of rules for dealing with it. Participants in the four-day conference, the Chairman of more than 110 bishops ‘ conferences from all over the world. In addition, experts and victims to come to the word. Francis had promised, given the scandals that have shaken the Catholic Church worldwide, a “Zero-tolerance”stance on abuse. A few days before the conference, he put a sign, he dismissed the Ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, after Abuse complaints from the Clerics.

+++ 8:25 am: search in the state of Hesse in the case of suspected Islamists +++

The police on Thursday morning in the South of Hesse, several homes of suspected Islamists raided. Is determined on suspicion of preparing a serious seditious act of violence, as a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said. In Rüsselsheim, Biebesheim and Raunheim by the officers searched twelve objects, in which the Suspects live. Further Details of the results of the use should be disclosed in the course of the day. First of all, had “reported” about it.

+++ 8:17 p.m.: woman in Paderborn city centre with a knife attacked +++

A 19-Year-old was attacked in the city of Paderborn with a knife. After the initial investigations, a man of the woman on a pedestrian traffic light in front of the station stood out on Wednesday abruptly in the upper arm, as a police spokesman reported on Thursday. A little later, the police arrested the alleged perpetrators. He should be confused according to the speaker of “mentally unstable” and mentally. The man was therefore brought to a psychiatric clinic. How hard the woman was injured, was initially unclear. The man should have his victim, according to initial findings, arbitrarily chosen.

+++ 8:12 p.m.: Walker in Bavaria, finds corpse – murder Commission +++

A Walker hat in Bavaria found a corpse. The Dead lay in Roth South of Nürnberg in an embankment, the police announced. The woman called the rescue service, which could, however, determine only the death of the husband. Because of the location and the condition of the corpse suggest a crime, forensics, and homicide on Wednesday night to their work. In the course of Thursday a post-mortem examination of the corpse. The identity of the dead was initially unclear.

At auction in Paris

my husband bought a classic car once for 10,000 euros – now the car brought him a million total

+++ 7:59 PM to: Audi-in-chief Schot wants to swipe ten percent of its management jobs +++

The ailing car maker, Audi wants to delete a range of leadership posts. “Today we have too many leaders on Board,” says Audi CEO Bram Schot to the “Handelsblatt” on Thursday. “A level – around ten percent of the line – will we be able to take out.” Schot is aiming for with this conversion and a change of culture: “We need to be younger, more dynamic, and female.”

+++ 7:44 PM: the UN security Council, stands in front of the Hanoi summit, travel sanctions against the North Koreans on +++

The United Nations security Council has lifted the travel ban for North Korean top squad temporarily in order to allow them to participate in the summit with the United States in Vietnam. Vietnam have submitted as a request in New York, the competent Committee had met, it said on Wednesday (local time) from UN diplomats. The summit is on January 27. and 28. March in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, to take place.

Unusual therapy

Doctors man rafts 15 cans of beer in order to save his life

DPA +++ 6:27 PM: most Important thing Netanyahu-Challenger election Alliance +++

Before the early parliamentary elections in Israel, forging the two most important Challenger of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have forged an Alliance. Ex-chief of General staff Benny Gantz and the centre politician Yair Lapid announced on Thursday the formation of a common list. In the event of success in the election on may 9. April, you want to alternate, therefore, in the office of the government.


people standing after a fire in the vicinity of the flame destroyed a building in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka

©Mohammad Al-Masum Molla DPA +++ 5:01 p.m.: at Least 69 Dead in Inferno in Dhaka +++

In the case of a large fire in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, are at least 69 people have been killed and dozens of others were injured. The duty officer of the fire brigade and the civil protection, Kamrul Hasan, the German press Agency, said on Thursday morning. The rescue operation continued to run. It was feared a growing number of Victims. The fire broke out, according to the on Wednesday evening in the ground floor of a four storey building where chemicals were stored. After that, it spread to three adjacent houses. About the cause of the fire in the old town of Dhaka, first, there was no official information.

abuse summit at the Vatican

abuse in churches – the dark reminder of the BAP singer Wolfgang Niedecken

DPA +++ 4:51 PM: Central Committee of the Catholics dampens expectations of abuse conference +++

The President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Thomas Sternberg, has large expectations to the abuse conference at the Vatican warned. “I’m afraid that we can’t expect major reform steps of such a meeting,” said Sternberg the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

The topic of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is this Thursday in the centre of a four-day conference in the Vatican. At the invitation of Pope Francis, bishops, experts and victims ‘ representatives to advise on the consequences of the abuse scandals, which have shaken the Church in recent years. Pope Francis promises of the sharpening of the consciousness of bishops for the issue of abuse, and agreement on a set of rules for dealing with it.

+++ 4:34 PM: Berlin-Köpenick to a large loss of electricity to the grid +++

Breathe a sigh of relief in South-East Berlin: After 31 hours without power in the district of Köpenick, is since Wednesday evening. Thousands of people had been living on since Tuesday with no light, heating or telephone, after in construction work in addition to the main cable, the replacement cable is damaged. A total of more than 30,000 households and 2000 businesses were cut off from the power supply.

The Blackout started on Tuesday afternoon, on Wednesday evening shortly before 21: 30 the lights came on then all over again. At the latest, on Thursday morning, the daily life should return to normal for many residents.

Galaxy S10

To the fold, perforated, and a price of 2000 Euro so want to get Samsung Smartphone new

By Malte Mans invent +++ 4:15 p.m.: a Female Person” dies after alleged family dispute in Berlin +++

After an alleged family dispute in Berlin, died on Wednesday night, a severely injured man. The “female Person” has been previously associated with sharps injuries in the hospital, however, could no longer be saved, as a police spokesman announced on the night. A report of the “B. Z.”, it’s supposed to be when the victim is a child. The police would not disclose the age.

about 21: 30 hours the rescue services had been called to a house in the district of Lichtenrade. A suspicious Person was arrested. Whether it was the alleged perpetrators and the dead, to parent and subsidiary and the Parties together to the scene of the crime, lived in the night initially unclear. Also, who had deposed the emergency call, did not want to betray the speaker determination tactical reasons. A homicide has taken up the investigation.

+++ at 3:30 PM: Samsung launches convertible Smartphone for 2000 € on the market +++

Samsung ventures in the highly competitive Smartphone market with the foray into a new device category with a phone that can fold out to a Tablet. The device with the name Galaxy Fold will come at the price of 2000 Euro in may in the commercial. At the same time, Samsung is expanding its range of classic phones: The new Premium device Galaxy S10 comes in four variants in different price classes. Including a Version for the super-fast 5G wireless is. Although the structure of the corresponding networks in Germany, threatens to delay, among other things, by complaining to the phone also in this country.

+++ at 2:55 PM: the US racist to have planned attacks on Democrats and journalists +++

A right-wing officer in the US coast guard is said to have planned attacks on democratic politicians and well-known journalists. The 49-year-old admirer of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik was arrested last week, as on Wednesday released court documents. In his house in a suburb of the Federal capital of Washington, the investigators found a large Arsenal of weapons with 15 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

+++ 0:06 PM: hundreds of migrants ‘access authorities’ staff in Mexico +++

hundreds of migrants from Central America have attacked employees of the Mexican migration authority and the stones at you thrown. The incident from Tuesday in the southern state of Chiapas in connection with criminal human trafficking groups, who wanted to bypass a registration in Mexico, said the Vice-Minister for migration issues, Alejandro Encinas, on Wednesday. “We have opened our borders, but the people who want to have access to our country, must adhere to entry requirements.”

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