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accesses Several injured by shots in Utrecht (11.21 a.m.)of Alleged perpetrators of Christchurch bought accused of weapons on the Internet and wants to defend itself (4.56 PM) – in-chief of the Association of the Cockpit against Autonomous aircraft (4.04 PM)18-Year-old because of the dissemination of Live Video of mosque-attack (3.30 PM), Donald Trump, General Motors due to scheduled plant closures (2.44 PM)

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+++ 11.21 a.m.: shots in Utrecht – have been injured, several injured +++

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, according to police reports, several people shots. Dutch media reports citing a police spokesman, the shooting shortly before 10.45 PM in a tram close to 24. October plein favor. The police have cordoned off the scene of the crime. The offender was on the run, according to the witnesses, he escaped in a car. According to the media, the Anti-Terror police. Three rescue helicopters, according to a tweet by the air rescue life liner NL. A Dutch Reporter reported that at least one Person had been revived in the Tram again. The Situation was very serious.

Jimmy de Koster lives in the vicinity of the incident and tells RTV Utrecht that several shots were fired. “I came from my work when it happened. I’m at the 24. October plein at the traffic light and see a woman, I think she is between 20 and 35 years old. At this time I heard three times, “pang, pang, pang”. Four men went very quickly to you, and you tried to tear away, and then I heard again, “pang, pang, pang” and these men let go of the woman.”

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The shots were fired at the October square in Utrecht

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+++ 11.10 PM: a prisoner has in a clinic to claim on Hartz IV +++

For the time of a detention interruption due to illness, a prisoner is entitled to Hartz IV benefits. This was decided by the social court of lower Saxony-Bremen on Monday published judgment. Had appealed a 50-Year-old, who was before his prison stay homeless. In 2016 he was sick at heart and needed a Bypass surgery in Göttingen, as well as subsequent rehab. For these three weeks, he wanted to state support because he had no money and hardly any clothes that he can wear outside of the prison.

+++ 10.31 PM: Chemnitz: process deadly knife attack on Daniel H. begins +++

Under strict security arrangements, the process has begun to the fatal knife attack of Chemnitz. Is accused of being an asylum-seeker from Syria, who was killed together with displaced Iraqis in August 2018 in Chemnitz, a 35-year-old German with knife wounds and another man seriously injured. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the Syrians, among other things, manslaughter.

spectators and media representatives had to pass a security gate to enter the hall. The proceedings from the district court of Chemnitz was for safety reasons and because of the great public interest in the security room of the Dresden higher regional court moved.

+++ 9.57 PM: Northern Ireland: Deaths and injuries in the crush in front of a discotheque +++

the Three young people came in the crowd of a nightclub on St. Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland, Cookstown killed. In the case of the Victims, according to police statement on Monday to a 17-year-old girl and two boys aged 16 and 17 years of age. Several Teenagers were injured in the incident on Sunday evening in the disco of a hotel in the British part of the country.

The victims were killed in the first investigation, in the crowd, and had then suffered fatal injuries. A large group should have tried to come to the Club. “It’s heartbreaking that such an event should be fun for these young people at the St. Patrick’s Day, ended in a terrible tragedy,” said a police spokesman.

+++ 9.49 PM: Injured Israeli dies after attack in West Bank +++

After a stop in the occupied West Bank has died, another Israeli. The man succumbed to his serious injuries, such as the responsible hospital was confirmed in the vicinity of Tel Aviv on Monday. This is according to media reports, a Rabbi and the father of twelve children. Thus, the number of the dead increased the attack to two. In the attack on Sunday, another Israeli had been injured severely. The army was also indicated on Monday in search of the assassin.

A Palestinian bomber had attacked at a junction near the settler town of Ariel, a soldier with a knife, as the army had on Sunday reported. It had succeeded, the soldiers assault rifle to take off. So he took a shot at several passing vehicles. In a car, a civilian had been hit. The attackers have taken another car and drove it in the direction of the West. At another intersection, he had once again opened fire and another Israeli soldier injured. From there, the perpetrators had fled in a Palestinian village.

+++ 9.22 PM: cyclone Idai kills 70 people in Zimbabwe +++

After a heavy tropical storm and severe Flooding in the East of Zimbabwe, the number of dead has risen to 70. Hundreds more people are still missing, as Minister July Moyo said. At the weekend the authorities had spoken of 40 deaths. Most of the victims were killed in the province of Manicaland. It was difficult, relief goods in the worst-affected places close to the border of Mozambique, because many bridges and roads were flooded.

The cyclone “Idai” came in the night to Friday with wind gusts of up to 160 kilometers per hour from the Indian ocean, coming in the centre of Mozambique to the country. The cyclone had the strength of four out of five. It came to storm surges and heavy rains. The storm weakened over Land from and moved on to the nearby Zimbabwe, where it came to Flooding. The government has declared a state of emergency.

+++ 8.50 PM: renovation of the “Gorch Fock” again. + + +

it has been the rehabilitation of The ailing sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” is resumed. “The staff is very relieved,” said the Chairman of the works Council of the Elsflether shipyard, Ralf Templin. Now working with all his strength, the refurbishment of the vessel fix forward. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had. in the past week, with the new management of the Elsflether Werft AG on a cancellation of the past 12 December payment stops agreed. The ship will initially be for 11 million euros until the summer, capable of floating, and then the Bark for a maximum of 48 million euros in the high seas should be compatible.