South Korea’s capital, Seoul is a metropolis, as they are everywhere in the world: cars push bumper-to-bumper, the inhabitants of the city, running hastily in their offices or sitting in the numerous coffee shops and drink specialities, fancy coffee. But if you wander through this bustling metropolis, is of on: In the shops and Cafés screens run on a big-gaudy-colorful music videos of Korean Girl and boy groups, often are advertised many products with the groups.

K-Pop, also known as Korean Pop Music or Korean Wave, is not a new phenomenon. Since the 1990s until the mid-2000s, the first “Hallyu”, the first wave of Korean pop culture swept out of the Asian country beyond the country’s borders. In addition to drama series and fashion of K-Pop was becoming more and more popular. The music combines Korean texts with musical elements like Pop, Hip-Hop or electro. The artist put a snappy choreography and be from head to toe and styled.

K-Pop artists are idols for the youth

For the Korean youth are the Boy and girl groups idols. A wide range of products is sold with images of the singer and also bought. The young Generation of South Korea after the Pop groups, buying their Outfits, and makeup as you. The male singers often have a feminine Touch. So it is nothing out of the ordinary, that young men in South Korea in drugstores and Make-up test. Many of you want to be even K-Pop Stars and train hard for it.

K-Pop is a huge industry in South Korea – and a popular export. For about a year, there is a second K-Pop wave, which spilled over to Germany over. In October, the internationally famous K-Pop coming-of-Band “Bangtan Boys” – short-BTS – two concerts in Berlin. It is a state of exception: Screaming Teenagers camped prevailed in front of the concert hall, to experience their idols close up. In contrast, Rapper PSY with his “Gangnam Style” age.

Secretly women during Sex

filmed One reason for the success of K-Pop: the clean Image. Drug problems or sex scandals, it was not. Until now. A scandal of secretly twisted sex videos, drugs, corruption and Prostitution shaken not just the K-Pop scene, but also the country. The focus of the singer Seungri of the Band “BIGBANG” and the Singer-Songwriter and TV Star Jung Joon-young.

The 29-year-old Seungri is alleged to have investors from the foreign prostitutes paid for. In addition, he is supposed to have as a co-owner of a night club sexual violence and drug use in the nightclub admitted. The 30-year-old Young is accused of at least ten women while having Sex with him, secretly filmed and to have in private chat rooms to spread, including Seungri. The Korean news agencies such as Yonhap are full with these messages.


Jung Joon-young (center) comments to the press: He had several women secretly during Sex

©Lee Jin filmed-DPA artists are withdrawing from show business

Young and Seungri were arrested by the police, interrogated for hours. Both of them stood and announced full cooperation with the authorities. Even President Moon jae-in turned on in the investigation. Young and Seungri apologized for their actions, according to Yonhap. “I apologize, I made a great and inexcusable error,” said Young, according to Yonhap before the court. He has now announced his retirement from show business. Also, Taemin and other artists pulling back because of the scandal from the world of show business. Seungri up to three years in prison.

not to be determined only against the artist, the police and the Prosecutor’s office. Also, the Management of the group’s “big band”, YG Entertainment, is the focus of the investigators. Because of the Sexskandals, but also for tax evasion, reports the “Korea Herald”. According to the Yonhap news Agency they wanted to work closely with the authorities, said YG CEO Yang Min-suk.

arrests in South Korea

1600 hotel guest secretly filmed and the recordings feel live-streamed over the Internet

South Koreans feel disappointed and cheated

the entertainment industry developed even before the scandal there were warnings before the Assembly line like the K-Pop industry, as the Pop columnist Kim Kyo-Seok of the Agency, Yonhap, says: “As, introduced many K-Pop agencies programs for the Management of the Stars. But at some point it became impossible to cope with the private lives of high profile Celebrities and due to the lack of systems-management agencies have used illegal means to control news reports, or cooperate with law enforcement authorities.”

The scandal could cause to the K-Pop industry, which globally has nearly 90 million Fans, to further damage, according to a report by the Korea Foundation. Many South Korean Agency Yonhap said that they were disappointed and cheated, felt of their idols. Some believe that behind the present scandal even more stuck.

According to experts ‘ estimates might relate to the scandal, other K-Pop Bands, as in the chat room, the Sex Videos have been shared, other celebrities were. There is panic from the width of the scene, so to Yonhap. Columnist Kim Kyo-Seok is sure that many Fans will turn away from the music and the K-Pop loses the wave.

South Korea has for a long time already problems with sexual harassment and discrimination of women. Recently, there was a major scandal movies of women who were secretly filmed with spy cameras, what drew large-scale protests by South Korean women.

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