The German weather service has issued for the North of Germany, in the meantime, the second-highest Weather alert level (level 3). The Region between Hannover, Hamburg and Lübeck, a storm, a storm currently. The experts warn of “severe Thunderstorms with Gale-force winds, extremely heavy rain and hail”. In addition, it is extremely of storm: Hurricane-force winds with speeds of up to 120 km/h are expected. Also heavy rains are announced: Up to 50 liters per square meter are possible.

In the North it can come also to heavy hail, with a “grain sizes of 4 cm,” the weather service. “Pay attention to falling Branches, roof tiles or objects. Flooding of basements and roads, as well as local Flooding of streams and small rivers is possible,” warn the experts. The storm should pull off over the course of the day, the direction of the Baltic sea. In the afternoon, the weather service expected in the North-East re – “the risk of an individual strong Storm with severe weather potential.”

The temperatures are temperate in the North, in the East, however, it can be in front of the oncoming lightning storm, extremely warm. In Berlin, again 30 degrees would be expected. According to the “” climbing in the East, the temperatures at 32 degrees, of the Uckermark region in the Lausitz, it can be even 34 degrees. The South of Germany will have to adjust to the late afternoon rain and Thunderstorms.

“Locally, it can pour violently and crack. In addition to hail can be expected with Flooding, even tornadoes are possible. In addition, there are wind chill temperatures of over 40 degrees,” said forecasters Paul Heger. Also the German weather service writes: “in The afternoon and evening in the far South, few and far between in the West increasingly Thunderstorm with heavy rain, hail and Gale-force winds, locally severe weather is not ruled out.”

on the night of Sunday the rain comes from the southwest to the middle of Germany gewittriger this Area are feared rain amounts of 20 and 35 l/sqm. The temperatures drop to 18 to 9 degrees.

forecast for the weekend

Between 35 degrees and severe weather risk: Track the weather of your Region in the Live-Tracker

Germany, the weather is technically mixed weekend. The Saturday starts depending on the Region, again with heat, at the latest, expected to start in the afternoon with some severe storms office severe weather danger.

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