On the Sunny warm Whitsun week-end, it again came to deadly hit the hole. Several people died, mostly men. In Hamburg, a 49 and a 54 drowned-Year-old after the Barbecue, a water sports club.

In Bavaria, rose to a 34-Year-old because of a bet in a fire pond at Chieming and drowned. For the time being, not an 18 year old female exchange student from Taiwan was found. He was preceded in Minden the river Weser for a swim and probably an abortion.

it became Known on Sunday that the North-German singer-songwriter and author Wolfram Eicke on Wednesday drowned in the Baltic sea in front of his home in Haffkrug. Eicke was 63 years old.

Not only bathing accident. In Augsburg, a 57-year-old canoeists came on Sunday in a wild-water complex claimed the lives of. Whether he had drowned or health problems, was initially unclear. In Saxony, a 24 died-Year-old, as he jumped on Monday from a suspension bridge in Grimma in the river Mulde.

In Augsburg, witnesses drew a 30-Year-old out of the car bahnsee. The man could not swim, according to police data. He was taken to a hospital.

In the case of Todtenweis in Bayern, a 56-Year-old in the overrated swim Through the Aindlinger excavator lake her powers and went under, but could be of assistants reanimated. In Munich, a 16 lost a-Year-old on the fast waste the banks of the field mochinger lake the Hold and went under. A companion was able to drag him back to shore, the 16-Year-old came to the hospital.

The Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG) was recently challenged in the face of a sharp increase in fatal drowning accidents in children and adolescents, the receipt of swimming pools. The closure of the baths was a big Problem, because opportunities are lost to learn to Swim. The number of students who can not swim safely, has increased according to studies by 50 percent in 2010 to 59 percent in 2017. With an Online Petition, the DLRG calls for a nationwide master plan for the conservation of the baths.

In the past year had come to DLRG-data for at least 504 people in Germany, sending thousands of killed, 100 more than in the previous year. The number of drowned children and young people under 20 years of age increased by 2018 to 38 percent.


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