The question ” Why ” is not answered, the defendant in the process the violent death of a seven-year-old boy.

Now the court must decide Heilbronn, whether it was negligent homicide, manslaughter, or even murder. Today the verdict against the 70 to fall-Year-old. On murder, the state attorney have argued, as well as the lawyer representing the parents of the Slain as a co-plaintiff. The defender was negligent homicide.

about a year Ago, the 70-year-old German is said to have strangled the child, to which she had been paying attention for years, – for at least three minutes long. The next day, the parents found their son dead in the bathtub of the “Pflegeoma” in Künzelsau (Baden-Württemberg).

After about four and a half months of the trial, the state moved lawyer of the charge of manslaughter – he saw, in the meantime, the murder characteristic of the lower motives fulfilled. The 70-Year-old had strangled the child out of fear of losses, because they feared the visits could soon come to an end. “For me, this means that it is more important than the life of another person, of a little boy.”

The fact was self-glorious and selfish, so the state’s attorney. Because a psychiatric expert cannot exclude the possibility of a diminished capacity of the woman had called for the charges instead of murder actually provided for life imprisonment in just 13 years.

The defender stressed that their client had suffered at the time of the deed in April of 2018, acute Depression, and not considered traded. “I agree with my defender. I can’t find the words for what happened,” said the defendant. In the process they had taken over the responsibility for the death of the child, but not explained how and why it came to be.

to The parents of participating in the process, to find answers, and the incident process were emphasized. “The defendant has contributed from the perspective of the next action to relieve that pain”, said the lawyer, in his closing lecture. The woman performing the death of the child to present as a case of an accident, think of the family as a further slap in the face.