According to the massacres of El Paso and Dayton has reported to the U.S. President’s daughter Ivanka Trump with two somewhat surprising tweet to word. On Tuesday she wrote on Twitter: “While we mourn because of the terrible massacre of El Paso and Dayton, we should not overlook the fact that Chicago has experienced his tödlichstes weekend of the year. With seven dead and 52 name of Chicago, Anm injured near a Playground in the Windy city (Spitz. d. Red.) and little national outrage or media coverage, we should not be blunt in the face of violence, communities in cities experience on a daily basis.”

The Problem is that The outrage and the reporting did not take place, because it has been in Chicago, not a massacre with seven dead and 52 injured. The local TV station CBS Chicago has undergone the Tweets from Ivanka Trump a fact check. Accordingly, a plurality of things are not votes equal to the testimony of Ivanka Trump:

It was the deadliest weekend of the year in Chicago. On the first weekend in June, eight people were killed by gunfire and two more stabbed to death has been. On the last weekend of July, eight people had been shot.Even more important, however: The dead of the weekend had not been a single incident claimed the lives of several shootings in Chicago. Although be like at a Playground in Douglas Park shots, it was but “only” seven Wounded, but not dead given. In addition, the act of violence have occurred around 1.20 am in the morning, as it is very unlikely that the children were on the Playground. Overall, there was from Friday afternoon to early Monday morning, at least 29 incidents with firearms.Or Ivanka Trump tweeted that aware?

Ivanka Trump has brought at least a mess of things. But there is also a Twitter User to want to your make up with your Tweets from the act of terrorism of the right-wing extremists in El Paso aware of distract. So, David Rothschild summarizes about your Tweets like this: “Forget the white nationalist terrorism, my father is inspired, and the easy access to guns makes massacres so common and deadly. Instead: focus on the mockery of ‘inner cities’ or ‘urban’ people and places.”

Even Chicago’s mayor, Lori E. Lightfoot responded to the Tweets of the President’s daughter is less factual than CBS Chicago: “What I’m focusing on, is to keep Chicago Running and I’m working hard every day with the superintendent … to ensure the safety of the people in our city,” said Lightfoot, according to their official Twitter channel. “I’m not going to let not of nonsense Tweets from people to be distracted, know what you’re talking about.”

sources: Ivanka Trump on Twitter CBS Chicago, home of the mayor of Chicago, mayor of Chicago on Twitter.

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