In the incident at a nuclear facility on the military area in the North of Russia are more people killed than initially reported. According to new data, there were seven fatalities. The defense Ministry in Moscow had spoken after the Explosion on Thursday first of two dead members of the military. The Russian atomic energy Agency Rosatom announced that five of their employees had lost in the disaster, their lives. In addition, several people were injured.

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flies came out of the Explosion during the Test of a new engine. The terrain, on the missiles for nuclear submarines will be tested, is located in the vicinity of the port city of Severodvinsk near Arkhangelsk on the White sea.

The defense Ministry had initially stressed that in the incident no harmful substances are contact. The city administration noted, however temporarily increased radioactive radiation. The readings had returned to normal, but already at noon, it said on Thursday.

Greenpeace calls for renewed Inspections in Russia

the people of The Region could nevertheless have bought out of fear intensified Iodine at pharmacies, local media reported. Some of the inhabitants had with radiation measuring devices in many households, an increase in radioactivity measured. The environmental activists of Greenpeace in Russia, requested re-Inspections.

It was not the first serious accident in the Region. In December 2015, a rocket crashed into a village in the vicinity of Severodvinsk during a test flight in a residential area. In the same year, a fire broke out in the shipyard in the port city in welding workers on a Russian nuclear submarine.

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