Because even the most expensive coffee maker can not keep up, The Australian Liza Thomas has fulfilled the dream of many coffee connoisseurs with a never ending thirst for caffeine. Because she managed to prepare in one hour, 420 cups of Cappuccino, the equivalent of seven cups per Minute. A new world record! The Guinness World Records “reported” on their website.

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The new record for Liza Thomas presented on the occasion of the opening of a new cafe on Bribie Island in the state of Queensland. The Café is part of the RSL Club to support veterans in Australia, and a meeting place for you.

Thomas had to follow strict rules, to the record. They used nozzles with a commercially available professional portafilter machine with a maximum of four Espresso. They also had to ensure that, at the same time, preparation of the Cup with a minimum of 142 milliliters of the were filled speciality coffee. Add to that the pressure of colleagues, guests and spectators who were at the world record in the process, came in for Thomas. At the end you got but all of a world record-Cappuccino on the house.

sources: UPI, “Guinness World Records”