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How To Register In Seva Sindhu Portal & Get Back To Karnataka

There are several stranded citizens that have appealed to the Government of Karnataka. They have registered themselves to come to Karnataka. The department of health and Welfare are paying attention to the people and planning their return. The best way for the citizens is to register on the Seva Sindhu Portal and once the Government checks it you will be given a date of arrival. No matter what part of the state the citizen may want to return they have to be quarantined for 14 days.

The state of Karnataka has made sure that it is compulsory and the citizens who come to the state have to quarantine themselves. After the arrival to Karnataka no matter they have to stay in the dorm, hostel, or hotel they have to have a negative COVID-19 test. After the issues of COVID-test and quarantine are over they will be allowed to go home. If you are looking to register yourself on the portal this is what you have to do.

Seva Sindhu portal registration

Quarantine of 14 days and the presentation of a negative COVID-19 test is done for the safety of the person and their family. Coronavirus cases in India are always on the high so preventing further spread has now become necessary. All the residents of Karnataka state who are stuck in other parts of the country can go back with the help of the Seva Sindhu portal.

All the residents of Karnataka can be happy and feel at ease that the Seva Sindhu portal is there for them. They are offering E-pass facilities and helping everyone. The facilities of this portal are available for migrant workers, people of other states stuck in Karnataka, or people of Karnataka stuck at different places.

  • Registration with the Seva Sindhu portal is easy as you have to visit the portal
  • There is a form that you will have to fill on the portal
  • Navigate to the Seva Sindhu portal with the email Karnataka
  • There will be a link that you will see on the portal and move forward by clicking it
  • With this link, you will move on to the registration page
  • Enter the personal information and other details correctly and submit it
  • Note down the application number so you can check the status later

Keep in mind that once you reach Karnataka 14-day quarantine is a must.

Seva Sindhu portal facilities

  • There are many facilities provided by the Seva Sindhu portal. You can check the portal to find everything in detail.
  • You can easily apply online for a COVID-19 pass from the portal
  • If you are traveling to Karnataka or from Karnataka the process will be the same (Interstate COVID-19 e-pass)
  • Apply for the COVID-19 pass to Karnataka or if you are coming to Karnataka (International COVID-19 e-pass)
  • There is also an option to check the status of your application by visiting the portal

For some time now many people in India are stuck in other states and they can’t reach home. With the initiative started by the Seva Sindhu portal, the families can now meet their loved ones.

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