With brutal methods, up to the out-of-court executions of Venezuela head of state, Nicolás Maduro is currently trying to nip the protests in the country against him and his government: this was the result of Amnesty International (ai), after a crisis of mission in the South American country. Particularly, residents of slums, which would have held up a few weeks ago, with public protests, back, affected people reported rights organization on Wednesday.

Instead of the poorest people to protect the country, such as Maduro, saying always, “threatened, imprisoned and murdered by the government, these people,” said the responsible for the Region, Amnesty Director, Erika Guevara-Rosas. The victim had expressed, therefore, often shortly before the protests, criticism in the social media.

41 protesters die from gunshot wounds

According to Amnesty, many of the country held in January nationwide protests in impoverished neighborhoods. There is a demand for a change of government, until then, had become so visible, as the residents often depended on government food programs, or by the presence of armed civilian Maduro supporters were intimidated.

In the case of the protests, between the 21. and 25. January, died, according to Amnesty at least 41 people – all of them of gunshot wounds. Hundreds more were arbitrarily detained. Several participants in the rallies were, therefore, victims of extrajudicial executions by the police special unit, Faes, reported the human rights organization, according to research in the States of Lara, Yaracuy, Vargas and several parts of the city of Caracas.

Manipulated special unit Faes crime scenes?

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The impoverished neighborhoods of Caracas and other economically disadvantaged areas in the country are affected accordingly. Is documented in the case of six young men, their criticism of Maduro had previously been in the social media. The authorities said later that they had died in clashes with the Faes to death. The special unit have, however, tampered with the crime scenes and the victims as Criminals.

“As we have already seen many times in Venezuela, to make the authorities would have us believe that those who came during the protests to death – were mainly young people from areas with low-income Criminals,” said Guevara Rosas. Their “only crime” was, however, “that they dared to change and live a life in Dignity to demand”.

137 children and young people

How Amnesty under appeal to the local human rights organisation Foro Penal reported, the authorities took, in addition, between the 21. and 31. January 137 children and young people who had participated in the rallies or just “close watching”. Some reported that they were beaten by the security forces, threatened and “terrorists” when insults had been.

crisis in Venezuela

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in Most cases, the actions of the police remained, according to the report to go unpunished. “The Venezuelan judicial system seems to let the victims of human rights violations completely in the lurch,” criticized Guevara-Rosas. They therefore called on the human rights Council of the United Nations to Intervene, including through an investigation panel, to observe the human rights situation in the country and report to.

States, which the people observed the law in Venezuela, should also examine, whether you are for victims of human rights violations, which would have no prospect of a fair trial in their own country, “the principle of universal Jurisdiction” was intended to apply. It’s all available mechanisms would be used “to prevent further atrocities,” demanded Amnesty representative Guevara-Rosas.

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