the Four alleged rapists should have addressed young women in the old town of düsseldorf and in the trap. Three of the four Suspects were now in custody, reported to the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Wesel. The men were between 24 and 29 years old and lived in Moers, Wesel and Krefeld. You are accused of multiple gang rape. The investigators assume that there are more victims who have not displayed the deeds of the past.

brutally, the women passed

The alleged perpetrators, all of which have an immigrant background, should have addressed their victims before or in the discos of the old town of düsseldorf. They had presented himself as “Jamal”, “Sammy”, “Momo”, “Memo” or “Bilal”. Then they had lured the women into the apartment of a Suspect in Krefeld or in a Hotel, where they had booked the room on the name of the victim.

In the hotel room to have the men in the most brutal ways of the women passed. The victim had been several hours in the violence of the perpetrator. In part, the perpetrators would have filmed the rape on a mobile phone.

police looking for more victims and witnesses.

An investigation Commission and the Prosecutor’s office Kleve, Germany, branch office in Moers, search for further victims or witnesses, which is as of mid-2018 is comparable to, or may contribute as a witness something of value to the investigation. Who can give information, is asked to call the phone number 02845/3092-1350 in the case of the investigators.

mad / DPA