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Ex-brothel-in-chief fünJahren (11.29)20 Dead after train crash in Cairo (10.29 PM)man, 29-Year-old in Frankfurt am Main on the open road (8.52 PM)More deaths on the road – increase in accidents with a Bicycle and a motorcycle (8.39 PM), Australian cardinal George Pell imprisoned (5.24 PM)

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+++ at 13:37: Doping-RAID: Seven arrests during the world Ski Championships, two are in Erfurt +++

In the case of a Doping RAID at the Nordic world Ski Championships in Seefeld seven people, including five athletes. As the Austrian Federal criminal police office announced on Wednesday, were also taken in Erfurt is a German sports physician and an accomplice.

+++ 12.24 PM: foreign Minister Meuse to stop the German soldiers in Mali +++

a Few days after a terrorist attack on a by the German army-run training camp in Mali’s Minister Heiko Maas is foreign to received a two-day visit to the West African country in crisis. He landed on Wednesday morning in a UN military camp in Gao, on the edge of the Sahara, where about 800 German soldiers participate in a peacekeeping mission. The other military base in Mali, the attack was perpetrated, is about 900 kilometres further South, in Koulikoro, near the capital Bamako. There are about 170 German soldiers are stationed.

+++ 12.10 am: archaeologists discover 1600 years old Samaritans-estate in Israel +++

Israeli archaeologists have found Remains of a 1,600-year-old agricultural estate, which had probably belonged to a wealthy Samaritans. Part of the estate to the North-East of Tel Aviv, a wine press was, with a Greek inscription, the Israel antiquities authority announced on Wednesday. The inscription “Only God helps the beautiful possession of master Adios, Amen,” is regarded as a further indication of intensive colonization by the Samaritans during the Byzantine period. This is the high phase of the settlement by the community of faith in the Region.The Samaritans are a religious community, whose approximately 800 members decides today in Israel and the West Bank live

+++ 11.49 PM: the Cabinet of the census act, census in may 2021 +++

The German population is counted in two years. The Federal Cabinet decided a law that sets the rules for the census 2021. To this census, with date 16. May is Germany under an obligation under EU law. The law regulates issues of the information obligations and data protection. The count not only the population, but should also provide data on employment and living situation. The last census was in 2011. In addition to the Transmission of regulatory data also supplementary surveys of the population are provided.

+++ 11.47 PM: German donated to 2018 of around 5.3 billion euros +++

The Germans have donated in the past year, approximately 5.3 billion euros. The were over a hundred million euros more than in the year 2017 and is the second highest value since the beginning of the survey, such as the German Spendenrat announced. However, the Trend continued at the same time, less and less people donate. Within the fundraising areas, there was the balance that shifts towards environmental protection and nature conservation, animal protection and Sport. Some hundred million Euro had been less for the humanitarian aid given.

+++ 11.40 PM: the FTC stops a service car for the wife with a mini-job +++

The FTC has advanced a creative tax-saving model in Unternehmerehen a bar: A mini-job with a full-service car for the wife will not be recognized for tax purposes, the decision of the highest German financial court in a judgment. The reason is that If an employer gives its employees service the car, he is not allowed to equip spouses and other relatives more generous than the rest of the employees. In the specific case of a single trader from North Rhine-had his wife Westphalia by 400-Euro-Job done: Nine hours a week, three hours in the office and six hours as a courier driver. For this courier, he turned the official car, with no deductible to the full private use of round-the-clock. The cost of the mini-jobs, he moved as a business expense from the income.

+++ 11.29 PM: Ex-brothel boss sentenced to five years in prison +++

The Ex-chief of the southern German brothel chain “Paradise” has been sentenced to five years in prison. The regional court of Stuttgart spoke to him of the aid to human trafficking, pimping, and guilty of fraud. The press and marketing in – chief of the red-light operation, received a sentence of imprisonment of three years and three months. A third defendant, a tax consultant, was convicted of abetting fraud to a suspended sentence of one year and four months. To the outside of the operator working on the Image of a clean, honest flagship brothel. Actually, the rock groups of Hells Angels and United tribune would lead to the big brothel in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, a prostitute. The women were threatened by their pimps in many cases, beaten, and humiliated, as the presiding judge noted.

+++ 11.27 PM: India confirmed the loss of a military machine +++

India has confirmed the loss of an aircraft in its air force during an attack by Pakistan on Indian territory. The Pilot of the MiG-21 was missing, said the spokesman of the Indian Ministry of foreign Affairs, Raveesh Kumar, in New Delhi. Pakistan’s air force had attacked in the Morning military targets in India. Indian interceptors would have thwarted the attack and a Pakistani plane was shot down. This was crashed on the Pakistani side of the de facto border. The Pakistani army spokesman Asif Ghafoor had previously declared that Pakistan had shot down two Indian planes and two Indian pilots arrested. A Video that allegedly shows a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Indian air force in Pakistani captivity, has been widely used in social media in Pakistan.

+++ 11.25 am: helicopter with Nepalese Minister + crashed++

A helicopter with Nepal’s Minister of tourism and six other people aboard is in the East of the Himalayan state crashed. The police found at the scene of the accident five Dead. “The helicopter was in flames. Five bodies were found,” said a spokesman for the Nepalese police. If the Minister Rabindra Adhikari was one of the five victims, not was initially. The machine of the private flight provider is Air Dynasty was overthrown in a remote forest area in the mountains in the district of Taplejung, said the Ministry of the interior of the country. Dozens of

emergency responders rushed to spot of the accident.

+++ 11.23 PM: acquittal of 22-Year-old in Stuttgart Taliban-process +++

In a Taliban-process before the Stuttgart higher regional court (OLG) has been spoken, the 22-year-old defendant. The Senate had not been able to ascertain with certainty whether the allegations were in the indictment, right, told the OLG. Was accused of being a 22-Year-old, because he was a member of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The prosecution accused the man, to have 2013 as a youth for at least six months, the Taliban connected. The allegations were solely based on the information provided, have made the 22-Year-old in his asylum procedure in the context of its oral hearing, stated the court. In the case of interrogations by the police of the man made, therefore, no information on the allegations. In the process he recanted his statements and claimed to have you in the asylum procedure invented.

+++ 10.48 PM: After the death of the age of eleven: Senator package against bullying +++

As a reaction to the death of an eleven-year-old primary school pupil in Berlin education Senator Sandra Scheeres has announced a package against bullying in schools. Among other things, the SPD politician wants to appoint a student as a kind of Anti-bullying officer. When existing aid is not or hardly used offers, this would need to be made more accessible, reasoned the initiative in a guest article in the “daily mirror”.

+++ 10.46 PM: arrests in the rock milieu in Hagen +++

Five months after the shooting of a man in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hagen, special units of the police have taken three men from the rock milieu. To took the and to came apartment search it on Tuesday morning, the police announced. Against a 44-Year-old from Hagen a warrant, two 25-and 37-year-old men were taken into custody and shortly thereafter dismissed. The arrests and searches in tort in connection with the investigation of an attempted killing at the end of September. Multiple offenders should lurks a 42-Year-old at the time and him and his car shot.

+++ 10.30 PM: Federal cartel office to obtain more publicity for the athletes at the Olympic games +++

The German athletes and their sponsors will have in the future significantly advanced advertising opportunities during the Olympic games. The German Olympic sports Confederation and the International Olympic Committee have committed to the Federal cartel office

opposite to an Opening of the previous restrictions on advertising, informed the competition authority. The IOC had limited the rule 40 of the Olympic Charter advertising opportunities, of athletes, among other things, by the prohibition of mentioning Olympic terms during the Olympic games. In the DOSB: “The decision is to satisfy both sides: on the one Hand, the athlete may benefit athletes through the expansion of personal rights, on the other hand, for the entire existential financing model for the Olympic games is secured.”

+++ 10.29 PM: at Least 20 Dead after train accident and fire in Cairo’s main train station +++

After a train crash and a subsequent fire in Cairo’s main train station, the number of dead to at least 20 increased. At least 40 people were injured, according to the matching information from safety representatives and Doctors. Thus, a train in the Ramses was the first accident-the train station and had then triggered a large fire.

+++ 10.12 PM: Swiss to Syria-stay as IS-supporters condemned +++

A young brother and sister pair is in Switzerland, according to a Syria-travel is due to the support of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) condemned. According to the prosecution, the woman and the man had been radicalized in a mosque in Switzerland, and in the year 2014 at the age of 15 or 16 years ago traveled to Syria. A court in Winterthur sentenced according to the juvenile law to penalties of ten and eleven months in prison on probation. It is the first ruling in Switzerland against IS-travelers.

+++ 10.06 PM: Pakistan opened its airspace because of tensions with India +++

Pakistan has been blocked because of tensions with India. As the civil aviation authority Communicator on Twitter, the Pakistani air space until Further notice. A military spokesman said the blocking was made against the Background of the current circumstances.

+++ 9.52 PM: Eight Dead after fire in Siberian town of Mariinsk +++

Russian forces have been found after a fire in a residential building in Siberia, eight bodies, including those of three children. The firefighters had found the dead at Work in the burned wooden house in the Mariinsk in the Kemerovo region, informed the investigating authorities in the Region, some 3800 kilometers East of Moscow. The children were between one and eight years old. Perhaps the fire in the night of Wednesday was assumed to be a wood-burning stove.

+++ 9.51 PM: Union group Vice-Free examination of the Cologne AfD-judgment +++

the Union group Vice-Thorsten calls for Free has to be in favour of the Cologne-based AfD-judgment in check. On the question of the public announcement of a test case the court have made a different assessment than the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, said the Online portals of the Funke media group. He was of the opinion that “the Federal Constitution, have protection overall, convincing arguments for the publication”. A complaint he consider this “display”. A substantive assessment of whether the positions of the AfD were unconstitutional, had not been made, so Free.

+++ 9.34 PM: Bundeswehr takes shooting practice after a moor fire on +++

On the military test site in the Emsland region, after week-long moor fire last year, is to be shot again. As part of a test program on the weapon practice ground at Meppen will be practiced in the shooting range, said the spokesman of the Military service 91, Michael Bertschik. It should be continued “urgent tests”. So the military is testing a new assault rifle as the successor to the model G36. But also the testing of großkalib lower arms can be included, such as the Test of machine guns.

+++ 8.52 PM: a man shoots 29-Year-old in Frankfurt am Main on the open road at +++

On the open road, a 49-year-old man in Frankfurt, has a shot at the Main his former girlfriend shot. The 29-Year-old was seriously injured on the head, and the Sundarbans. Then the man shot himself first in the head, and then four witnesses, who were unharmed. He met a passing car, the driver nothing happened. The woman was taken by witnesses to a police station and from there to a hospital. The man tried to escape, wurde, but the police caught. He, too, was brought to a clinic. As a motive for the crime, the police suspect the recent separation of the pair.

+++ 8.42 PM: the number of abortions has decreased in Germany +++

The number of abortions in Germany has fallen slightly in the past year. In 2018, there were 0.2 percent fewer abortions than in 2017, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced. Accordingly, were reported in the past year, a total of 101.000 abortions. However, in the fourth quarter of 2018, 1.3 percent more abortions than in the same period of the previous year. 96 per cent of abortions were carried out after a consultation. The remaining four percent for medical reasons and sexual offences, the reasons for the crash were.

+++ 8.39 PM: More traffic deaths increase in case of accidents with Bicycle and motorcycle +++

On German roads came after two years of decline, the number of people their lives in accidents. The Federal Statistical office said 3265 deaths in the year 2018, an increase of 2.7 percent compared to the previous year. At the same time, it was the third-lowest level since the year 1950, reported in the office, citing preliminary results. According to the results from the first eleven months, the increase in the total number to an increase in killed cyclists and motorcyclists. Between January and November, 50 Bicycle riders and thus 13.6 per cent, more died. Added to this were 57 killed motorcycle riders, this means an increase of 9 percent, as the Federal Agency announced. The number fell, however, in the case of the pedestrians by around six percent, and the car drivers of around two percent.