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Algeria’s President Bouteflika immediately zurüvk (21.06 PM)

May want to ask the EU for a further extension of the withdrawal period (19.15)

court Frauke Petry convicted of pre-planned false oath (17.16 PM)

taken Eleventh suspect, according to the Freiburg group rape (16.41 PM)

Seehofer: “Germany is one of the safest countries in the world,” (11.39 PM)

Supreme court ruling: No pain money because of prolonging life through artificial nutrition (10.28 PM)

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+++ 21.06 PM: Algeria’s President Bouteflika to resign +++

The ongoing protests have led to that Algeria’s controversial President Abdelasis Bouteflika has submitted to the Algerian constitutional Council of his resignation. The has reported, the state television of the country. Just yesterday, the 82-Year-old premature assigns to the 28. April announced. The protesters, however, were not satisfied. Bouteflika, who is difficult to erkankt, was 20 years in Power.

+++ 20.23 PM: thousands of Venezuelans to storm over the border to lock away to Colombia +++

thousands of Venezuelans have been overcome in the West of the country, the border controls and are streamed via a pedestrian bridge to the neighboring country of Colombia. According to media reports, they climbed on a Venezuelan security forces transverse Container on the bridge Simón Bolívar, near the Colombian border town of Cúcuta. “The Situation is very difficult, we suffer from Hunger, have no electricity and no water,” said a Venezuelan to the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo”. “We come to Colombia in search of food.” In the dispute over the delivery of relief goods, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had the border with Colombia, on 23. February closed.

+++ 19.44 PM: police are checking up on Wednesday in a Marathon Speed +++

motorists should look for this Wednesday to be faster than that allowed on-the-go: Several States are participating in the so-called Speed-Marathon, an Offensive by the police to the speed control. According to the Europe-wide police network, TISPOL, which aims to reduce the number of road accident victims, the 24-hour Marathon against speeders, at 0.00 o’clock of the night on Wednesday in 26 countries in Europe. The Speed-Marathon originally goes back to an Initiative in North Rhine-Westphalia, where there was 2012, the first large-scale speed controls – at that time still under the name of 24-hour Blitz Marathon. The most populous state is not doing but at the time of action.

+++ 19.20 PM: two injured in Explosion at Russian military Academy +++

Four soldiers were injured in an Explosion at a Russian military Academy in St. Petersburg. Probably for teaching purposes, used in anti-tank mine had flown into the air, reported local media. The backgrounds were initially unclear. The Ministry of defence made so far, no details of what exactly was about to explode. The authorities opened an investigation for attempted murder. Also, a stop was initially excluded. According to a report in the Russian daily newspaper “Kommersant” has found a package with the bomb under the stairs. It was then explodes when you try to make it harmless.

+++ 19.15: May want to ask the EU for a further extension of the withdrawal period, ask +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, wants the EU to another, as short as possible extension of the deadline for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. You are informed after a multi-hour Cabinet meeting in London. Currently, the Brexit for the 12. April planned.

+++ 18.51 PM: Another woman accuses Ex-UN Vice President Biden übergriffiges behaviour +++

another woman accuses the former US Vice-President and potential democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, übergriffiges behavior. Amy Lappos, from the US state of Connecticut said the newspaper “the Hartford Courant,” Biden have laid in 2009 at an event in the town of Greenwich, his Hand around her neck and moved to RUB his nose at her. “As he pulled me to him, I thought he would kiss me on the mouth”, cited the sheet, the woman, who worked for a democratic Congressman. Shortly before that, the Democrat Lucy Flores had declared Biden have approached 2014 with one of their campaign appearances in the context of its candidacy for the office of the Vice-Governor in Nevada, from the back, smell her hair and give her a kiss on the back of the head.

+++ time: 17: 48: Campino had pants after hearing fear of a career-From +++

the Dead-singer Campino had after his sudden hearing loss in the past year, fear of a medically prescribed end of career. “I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if the Doctors had said in the Moment: Yet another concert, and you’re deaf,” said Campino, the “Stuttgarter Zeitung/Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. He would have made while “any way,” said the 56-Year-old. “But of course it would have been a personal disaster.”