The market for electric two-wheelers has undergone in the past two years, a similar recovery as in the case of E-cars. How motorists can now choose between different models and price categories, is also the Cycling enthusiast a significantly increased supply. From cheap E-scooter with 1800 Watt Motor, over-styled Retro-models to fully-grown motorcycle with 200 km/h top.

The electric mopeds compared with its stinking two-stroke-is ancients the makings of the perfect commuter-mobile: no harmful exhaust fumes, almost no noise, 80 cents of electricity cost per hundred kilometers, low-maintenance because of the many moving parts of an internal combustion engine are missing. Parking is easily found and almost all scooter models, thanks to the portable battery from a socket at home to charge. Within the city, the range problem is hardly noticeable. The majority of E-scooter with a battery charge of 50 kilometers. In addition, a car driver’s licence or the driving licence of the class M, since most of the E-scooter is technically at 45 km/h limited. The most important models at a Glance

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