Steve Beahm, to whips on stage to be the Auditorium. “You want to hear it? Really listen to? Then take this,“ he says, and ignites the V8 engine. A supercharged Hemi V8 with 1014 HP. The US boss of the tuning division Mopar of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) makes the V8 crank, the exhaust gases escape through a short exhaust without muffler. In the South Hall, it bangs and thumps – the audience cheer.

At the SEMA Show, the world’s largest tuning fair in Las Vegas, paying homage to the internal combustion engines, power strong, even worshipped. Nevada is adjacent to California but different States can hardly be. Especially in the case of cars. California has the strictest emission regulations in the world, electric vehicles are strongly encouraged.

next Door in Las Vegas, Fans of internal combustion engines celebrate this once in a year, a large HP Party. In stark contrast to the environmentally conscious California, you must have at SEMA a engine at least eight cylinders, the best yet of a compressor charged.

The 1000 HP drive (about 1014 PS) from Mopar is just an extreme example. It is the first Time that a car manufacturer offers a factory-tuned replacement engine Kit with such a high performance. Mopar stands for Motor Parts: motor parts, and was founded in 1937. Initially, the brand sold only antifreeze, now it applies to the FCA group’s Service, parts and customer – care brand.

original parts and accessories for all vehicle brands of the group, so not only tuning parts sells. In the hot Phase of the Muscle Cars in the 1960s/1970s, the brand has a good reputation and a strong sound. From time to time relatively cheap middle-class-coupe pounded by a large-volume V8 – the ideal Basis for Tuning. Now it has done Mopar.

The Hemi-426 engine from Chrysler the Mopar engineers of 6.2 liters on bored to 7.0 litres of displacement, a built forged pistons. Instead of a steel block they put on a made of aluminum from the Drag-Race-racing. With a maximum of 1288 Newton metres of torque, the Motor is a tiller on the Asphalt. His Name: Hellephant. A tribute to the past: for the First time, Chrysler introduced the 426 Hemi engine in 1964. Because of his size and his power he got the nickname “elephant”.

Amis The new Mopar on the tuning of classic cars

Monster is intended as a replacement engine for street vehicles and all-terrain vehicles built before 1976. For years, the engineers modified the V8 engine in a little space under the hood was lush, and electronic components goods shortage – it was the pure teaching of the Mechanics.

The business with tuned vintage car engines buzzing: unlike in the European classic scene with the most original and restored vehicles, many Americans are on old tuned cars. The market is large, the demand of the Fans of Chrysler and Dodge seem to be even bigger. In addition to strong engines Lowrider chassis, chrome rims, and paint with a pearl effect to the good tone – TÜV auditors would turn up their noses, and the Oldtimer approval refuse.

“The Fans crave for power and performance. We serve you now with a unique Kit directly from the factory,“ says Steve Beahm. The new Motor will fit without major modifications in many Chrysler models. A new compressor increases the pressure, the rest of the new parts are from the previous Power models Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Dodge Demon.

The kit include water pump, flywheel, wiring harness and oil Pan. Mopar speaks of a “relatively simple construction and Expansion” for experienced mechanics. However, the screwdriver to change gears and brake, and to order a great set of rear tires.

On the SEMA Dodge presents a suitable vehicle with the engine. “The 1968 Dodge Charger is one of the hottest classic cars, a great vehicle and a great showcase for our Hellephant engine,” says Steve Beahm. The ‘ 68 Super Charger Concept shows that there is more to it than just a replacement engine. Track and wheelbase of the 50-year-old classic has been significantly expanded, wide tires to provide sufficient traction.

The manual six-speed gearbox from the current Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the engineers did not adapt supposedly. For the hood and bumper are made of Carbon, an oversized air scoop scoops air into the compressor, the door handles are eliminated, and the body was laid a few inches deep. The front wheels are 20 x 11-inch, the rear wheels 21 x 12 inches. Six-piston brake calipers from Brembo provide a safe delay – if the concept car goes for.

there is a Trend to big wheels

After the noise presentation of the Hellephant-motor pull more with animated faces and make the search of the next attraction. And is away at the SEMA is never far away. In addition to the pure performance of a powerful performance, is the focus of your interest.

The Trend seems to go to larger wheels. Some manufacturers have wheels for sports cars and SUVs, which have a diameter of 34 inches. In Germany, the tractors would, at best, on-the-go.

in Addition, it is likely to go to the American roads in 2019, much more colorful: Bicolour paint or foil for the sheet metal and two-tone wheels you meet in the halls constantly. In addition to wheels, engines and special paint for the SEMA shows also tools and workshop accessories.

For Mopar-US-in-chief Steve Beahm is SEMA exactly what it is: the diversity and creativity of the exhibitors. Around 90 percent of American customers would individualize your vehicle, some more, some less. No car enthusiast would like to drive a car from the rod, in the morning, not in the same vehicle as the neighbor.

In General, customers of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM only change the parts, on average, to the value of $ 300. This also includes roof racks or cargo boxes. Few of them rely on extremely improved engines such as the Hellephant. “But miss something. Really,“ says Beahm. There is nothing like a kicking and boller V8 go. Also in the future.