in need of anyone Who wants to drive a car, a driver’s license. Who wants to be a judge, you will need a state exam. Who wants to open a Restaurant, gets before a visit from the government hygiene inspector.

And who sends his child into a daycare center, it must be previously vaccinated. Sounds actually quite logical, or? Then where is the Problem?

again and again the state intervenes in the lives of its citizens, makes them rules, requires permits, taxes. There are not only rights but also obligations. Otherwise, a community may not work. You can find the school, stupid. But the child still has to back. Good. Because stupid children costs the community a lot of money. Absolute freedom at the expense of others, will not be asked in doubt as to whether you want to take on this cost, is not freedom but selfishness.

opponents to blame?

US-district calls state of emergency due to measles and imposed nightlife lock for umgeimpfte children

AFP homeopathy instead of conventional medicine

Only in the case of vaccination against measles in our state for years, dance on the nose. Although numerous scientific studies prove that vaccination is harmless, but very effective, you can refuse a lot of parents for their offspring. You distrust from the classical “school of medicine”, prefer to rely on homeopathy, faith in dark forces and organizations, the information about the “true dangers of vaccination”. A possible risk is that the vaccine could trigger autism.

autism! Good keywords – autism, the vaccine-refusers. They think only of themselves, perhaps even to your own child, but certainly not to all other, they bring with their behavior in any danger. This behavior is, you can not call it differently: anti-social. This is because these parents know very well that you can’t afford to have their behavior only because a vast majority of it does – the children of their own so to to Vaccinate. The Seeding the other hand, the risk of infection for the child is significantly reduced, with the objectors as a advantage – to be able to your own, spinnerten conspiracy theories and prejudices all the more undisturbed to live out.

the number of sick by a lack of vaccinations is rising

how is it that the opponents parents actually have the right, other to suspend without asking for a risk, you don’t want to wear this? Measles is not a harmless children’s disease, you may end up in a life-threatening course. Again and again there are outbreaks, the largest of the past ten years was in 2015, with nationwide 2465 cases. Even now, there is again an accumulation in several regions of Germany. Worldwide, the number of cases has increased, according to the world health organization (WHO) in 2017, compared to the previous year by 30 percent.

Lack of Impfbereitschaft, WHO by the way, one of the biggest health risks that currently exist in the world. Vaccinations prevent, therefore, each year two to three million deaths. A further 1.5 million people would die each year if more vaccinated.

Vaccinate: duty has to come to be

The vaccination against measles in Germany. In the meantime, the following must apply: those Who irresponsibly leaves any solidarity to miss and the health sets of others, you must be a child then. Daycare and school are off-limits. Classes will later be rescheduled, if necessary, with private teachers at their own expense. High penalties for the opponents could be added. Forced solidarity is still better than none at all.