Before his first visit to Germany has warned the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj a hard line against Russia.

In an Interview with the “Bild”newspaper, he warned against the continued construction of the Russian-German Nord Stream Baltic sea pipeline 2 and a softening of the sanctions against Russia. The Pipeline represents a threat and would damage “the energy security of Ukraine and Europe,” he said. It is also criticized by the United States, and especially from Eastern European EU States, who fear a too great dependence on Russia in the energy sector.

Selenskyj even brought a widening of sanctions against Russia in the game to bring the embattled areas in Eastern Ukraine and Russia annexed Crimea back under Ukrainian control. “My attitude is simple and clear. Sanctions are the only leverage, in order to liberate the occupied territory and our territorial integrity and sovereignty, restore and share it with our people back,” he said. “If this tool is not working, needs to be extended to the mechanism.”

Selenskyj today comes a month after his swearing in to his first visit to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The focus is on the efforts to bring back movement in the stalled peace process for the Eastern Ukraine. There, the Ukrainian government have been fighting since five years, troops and pro-Russian separatists. Germany and France in the conflict, a mediator role.

The former comedian Selenskyj had to be replaced in mid-may, Petro Poroshenko as head of state. Prior to his visit in Berlin, he was in Paris Station, and was in the last week, also in Brussels. In the Ukrainian election campaign, Merkel had been one-sided partisanship for Poroshenko accused, because they had received him a week before the runoff election in Berlin – Selenskyj but not.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has the new Ukrainian President already in may, together with his French colleague Jean-Yves Le Drian in Kiev visited. “We want to support President Selenskyj that the hopes of the people of Ukraine,” said Maas, prior to the visit, the editorial office network in Germany (RND/Tuesday). “This relates to the reform process – in particular, the fight against corruption. The subject but also, and especially, the hope for peace.”

The SPD foreign expert Nils Schmid has called on the Federal government, with Selenskyj just as closely as before with Poroshenko. “It was a mistake of German Chancellor Merkel to meet one and a half weeks before the runoff election only with Poroshenko. This gives the impression of one-sided partisanship arose,” he told the German press Agency. This impression must remove them at the Meeting on Tuesday.

The 41-Year-old Selenskyj is not only the youngest ever head of state of the Ex-Soviet Republic. The actor, who was for many years a President in a TV series, also has the biggest popularity in his country. It does not occur – that distinguishes him from Poroshenko pointedly in military uniform when he visited the conflict region in the East of the country.

“In us is war, and we all want to end the war,” said Selenskyj on Saturday, as he opened in Mariupol on the Azov sea, a mine-clearance center. He also announced an infrastructure program for the Donbass. Is likely to advertise he is for the investment in Berlin at a dinner on Tuesday evening with business people.

The Ukraine deserve the support, said Wolfgang Büchele, Chairman of the Eastern Committee of German economy prior to the Meeting. “So far, the potential of the Ukraine, the largest country within Europe and with 45 million inhabitants, a larger market is exhausted as Spain or Poland, but completely insufficient.”

But Selenskyj and the companies know that there can be real stability and security for investments only if peace prevails. Selenskyj has known, over and over again to the Minsk peace plan for the Eastern Ukrainian Donbass. Real steps are missing but not least, because he was only in the early elections held on 21. July can hope, even in the Parliament with its own members a power base to build up.

Also Moscow look at Selenskyjs visits to Paris and Berlin with great interest. Although Russia remarked critically Selenskyjs Appeals to the EU and the USA to increase the pressure of Sanctions on Russia. But basically, it means in Moscow, is not yet clear how the situation will develop. Until today, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his colleagues congratulated Selenskyj to his new office. The new leadership should only work once. He see but anyway now freer access to the problems, Putin said in a recent television interview.

“It is inevitable that we build our relationships,” said the Kremlin chief. A Meeting with Selenskyj, for example, under the mediation of France and Germany, he holds but it is only useful if a concrete solution to the conflict emerges. To do this, Moscow is about direct talks with the Ukrainian government and the separatists guides. Kiev refused, so far, always categorical.