After the killing of a child to the Frankfurt main station wants to introduce the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) controls at the Swiss border. In Switzerland living Eritrean is supposed to have pushed the boy there, in front of a moving train.

“I’m going to do everything in the ways of intelligent controls to the limit,” said Seehofer, The magazine “der Spiegel”. 2018, a total of 43,000 illegal Entry had been registered in Germany. “This circumstance, we have to meet, by an extended veil of intelligence and event-related, time-limited controls, directly at the border – the border to Switzerland.” Until September, he wanted to present a concept. On Tuesday Seehofer had announced in General terms a extension of border controls, and consultations on the safety at railway stations.

Seehofer wants to increase according to the report, in addition, the security arrangements at the railway stations. About locks or Locks, as they come in London or Paris train platforms are used, should be discussed. In September there will be a Meeting with transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the railway Board of management, and experts in rail safety, announced Seehofer. The cost of the measures could go into billions of euros: “Over the years we will not get along with a million amount,” the Minister said.

The FDP inner politician Benjamin Strasser accused Seehofer, he wanted to make political capital out of the fact of Frankfurt. “The alleged Frankfurt offender, you would not have stopped with such controls, as against him, no Europe-wide invitation to tender for the investigation.” In addition, sampling and occasion have already been stitch-related controls at the border to Switzerland.

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