the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) has banned the two associations as part of organisations in Germany, the forbidden Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

informed How the Federal Ministry of the interior, the prohibition against the “Mezopotamien Verlag and Vertrieb GmbH” as well as “ME Multimedia GmbH”. Since the early hours of the morning the ban in North Rhine would be carried out-Westphalia and lower Saxony, with searches and the seizure of Material. The PKK is banned in Germany since 1993 and in the EU, in the USA and in Turkey as a terrorist organization.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged Germany to repeatedly, lead to a more resolute fight against the PKK. Turkey had also made extradition requests, said Erdogan last autumn, after a state visit in Germany.

The German-Turkish members of the Islamic-conservative government party AKP and Erdogan’s Advisor Mustafa Yeneroglu said the German press Agency that the ban was “long overdue and welcome”. It was long known that the associations are “part of the PKK structure in Germany”. Yeneroglu also called for a prohibition of further PKK replacement organizations in Germany.

Seehofer said, according to the message of his Ministry: “Just because the PKK is in spite of the ban in Germany, still active, is it necessary and advisable, to have the PKK in their place and the compliance with the law,” said Seehofer, according to the memo.

I confirmed After a previous search of the business of the suspicion that the business operations of the two associations alone, serve to maintain the organizational cohesion of the PKK, the Ministry announced. Under the Robe as a publisher, enterprises of all economic activities to the benefit only of the PKK. “With its economic output, the action to be strengthened, the possibilities of the terrorist organization in Germany and Europe in a sustainable way. Thus, the effects of the PKK are being eroded-ban systematically,” it said.

The Kurdish umbrella Association NAV THE (Democratic Kurdish society centre of Germany) condemned the ban. The Chairman Tahir Köcer, said that the Turkish government is trying the Kurdish identity to be extinguished. With the prohibition of the publishing and music sales, the Federal government opted for a “continuation of this inhuman policy on German soil”. According to the Association of goods during the search of the 8. March 2018, thousands of books have been seized.

The PKK in Germany according to the Federal Ministry of the interior, with approximately 14,500 followers “has by far the largest foreign extremist organization.” You use Germany as a “space of retreat, the funding and recruitment”. The law enforcement authorities of the Länder have initiated, therefore, since 2004, “in a very high four-digit number of the” criminal investigation process with the PKK.

The Federal Prosecutor General (GBA) has determined, according to the date 180 procedures with this respect. On indictment, the GBA had been given since 1992 by the upper courts, more than 70 judgments against other functionaries of the PKK in Germany, with more than 90 defendants were sentenced.

In addition, the authorities of the Federation and the länder have been banned since 1993, a further 52 of the PKK attributable to organizations, the Ministry announced. In 2008, the Federal government had assigned the Ministry of the interior the PKK TV station Roj-TV ban with a push for Germany.


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