the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) visited on Monday, the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) in Cologne. He introduces the new President, Thomas Haldenwang, the successor to the in the interim retired, Hans-Georg Maaßen. After that, he goes to Bonn at the Federal office for information security (BSI).

BSI-President Arne Schönbohm was the SPD, Greens and Left because of his actions in the scandal of the mass data diebststahl liable been sharply criticized. As the Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Thomas Oppermann (SPD), described it as “outrageous that the stolen data are presented for days in the net and the competent authority does nothing to inform the people Concerned and to protect”. He called on Seehofer, the BSI is, to Act.

the protection of the Constitution under Seehofer. The dispute BfV-President Maaßen had led last year to a crisis of the black-red coalition. Maaßen had drawn with Statements of Attacks on foreigners in Chemnitz criticism. To break away from Seehofer, as a speech, the manuscript was known, therefore, Maaßen had spoken of in part to the “radical left-wing forces in the SPD”.

Maaßens successor Haldenwang has announced to take the AfD more under the magnifying glass. He explained officially to the test case. A party can be the test case, if the authorities recognize the first signs of extremist tendencies. It is the first Time that a in the Bundestag represented party is classified as a test case.

more precisely, the domestic intelligence service at the right want to look for a national “wings” of the Thuringian party – and-group-in-chief Björn Höcke, and the young organization of Young Alternative (JA). These were declared by Haldenwang to the suspected case. In a suspected case of the use of certain intelligence methods is possible: Although there is no so-called V may be-people used – this is only allowed in the observation case, but it is permitted, for example, an Observation. There is weighty evidence that the “wing” and “extremist aspirations” to be classified, said Haldenwang.