“With professionalism and Motivation,” ‘t worry the fire Department in Saarbrücken for security in the state capital, – stated in the self-representation of the fire fighters.

professionalism and Motivation to want to deny the 205 officers in the professional military, no one. You can, however, not yet to the full extent for security in Saarbrücken, may at least be doubted. Because at the moment, 92 of the helpers have called in sick.

What’s going on? A Flu epidemic puts the Saarbrücker fire lame? After that, it’s not. Rather, the suspicion is that the fire brigade have to get people due to a change of personnel abdominal pain.

personnel disputes at the fire brigade Saarbrücken

The upper administrative court of Saarland, had decided on Tuesday that the long-time head of the office for civil protection and fire protection, the chief of the firefighters, need to get back to his Post. Josef limited-it only had been made in December of 2017, from his office as the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” reported, and should then be in the Baudezernat.


dozens of firefighters are throwing – such as a dispute over leadership of the security posts at risk

By Daniel Wüstenberg

As the reasons for the exemption, first, possible errors Schuns in the case of a fire, with four dead and the allegedly improper donation of a fire brigade were called according to the report, a vehicle with a club. Both allegations have been resolved in court.

Instead, city spokesman Thomas Blug told the blade on Wednesday: “The trust relationship between large Parts of the fire team, of the line service, and Josef limited-it only is (…) also because of its Leadership destroyed.” According to “Bild”-newspaper is also bullying-allegations are in the room, of an “inhuman treatment”, was among the firefighters.

And yet: limited-it only is allowed to return to the top of the fire, on the legal process, he won his old Job against all odds. “This decision is not contestable,” said the spokesman for the city of the star.

“It is a clear sign, if even the middle management level of a professional fire brigade closed against the chief officer,” explains Ingo Schaefer, chief of the German fire company to the personnel. He also speaks of an “authoritarian leadership style”, the “are now no longer tolerated”, can.

“Tremendous mental tension”

The Situation solve could be a “tremendous mental tension” that “will eventually become too large” and for self-protection, a Sick note is required. Limited-it only even does not want to speak according to the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” to the allegations.

But the staff of the professional fire brigade in Saarbrücken are not any workers. They are civil servants that have sworn an oath and will carry a huge responsibility. Finally, the safety of the 180,000 inhabitants also depends on you.


firefighter sitting at the hairdresser when the call comes – he does not hesitate for a second

That almost half of the 200 employees sick has reported, was the person responsible for the alarm bells to ring. The consequence: A normal certificate is not enough now, all 92 Patients have to go to the medical officer. 46 of them were there have not so far made representations, as the city announced. All the sick have been confirmed.

The noise behind the Scenes, has now shifted to the big stage, has a serious impact: As one of the two fire stations of professional fire brigade, according to the city administration “for the time being vacant”. Nevertheless, we tried in the town hall, to convey to the citizens of safety: “The city shall ensure the fire protection,” promises spokesman Blug. The truth is that this is apparently only possible because around 750 saarbrücken take the matter into their own hands: in the volunteer fire Department. The volunteers are available around the clock to be able to help. Work and leisure time volunteers will remain on the track. A matter of honor for the Ehrenämtler. “For me, it is, of course, that we ensure the safety of the city. If you had to, would I have to do this week”, – quotes the “Bild”-Zeitung, one of the fire fighters.

mayor Charlotte Britz know what she has on men and women: “I wish to Express my gratitude again to everyone Involved for their commitment and especially the volunteers of the volunteer fire Department. This is not a simple Situation, the higher their use is to be assessed.”

As the mayor and her staff want to solve in the town hall, the unhappy situation is, however, unclear.