After the withdrawal of the charitable status of the globalization-critical network Attac, by the Bundesfinanzhof feel the critics of the German environmental aid (DUH).

“The verdict is certainly a role for the further assessment of the non-profit German environmental aid,” said the Parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of transport, Steffen Bilger (CDU), the “Handelsblatt” (Thursday). “Finally, there are good reasons to question whether the conduct of the German environmental aid will continue to satisfy the requirements of charitable status.”

The Federal Finance court had denied Attac in the beginning of the week due to political campaigns, the benefit to the public, whereby the network control loses the advantages.

The CDU had decided at its party Congress in December, to check whether the support should continue to be recognized as a non-profit organization. The CDU district Association of North württemberg, Bilger, had even demanded, the benefit to the public to withdraw and the possibility of Association of DUH lawsuits should be abolished. The DUH had rode in the courts of several German cities driving bans for older Diesel vehicles.

The recognition of charitable status is the tax office. DUH managing Director Jürgen Resch had recently declared, the competent tax office confirming the charitable status. The decision applies until August 2023.

Also, the FDP is questioning the charitable status of environmental assistance. The DUH move, in his view, “for example, you are the best funding model,” a piece next to the of the tax code, covered purpose of a non-profit, said the FDP politician involved in transport issues, Oliver Luksic, the “Handelsblatt”.