New publications by various French media, which have done well in the Alliance, “Made in France” together, confirm the results of the research project #GermanArms by the end of February, which had supported the star. Therefore, it is clear from secret documents of the French government, which weapons systems to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Yemen war and the naval blockade of the country, including weapons of war from Germany, or with Germany’s key components.

The French Research NGO Disclose, cites the reports of the French military secret service, the DRM (Direction du renseign ment Militaire) from the end of September and beginning of October 2018. In one of the reports provided to Disclose the original text online, and are explicitly built in Germany war ships of the types Muray Jib, and Frankenthal (or in Arabic, Murjan). The guy Muray Jib – a rocket – fast boat was involved in both the naval blockade as “for the support of land operations in Yemen martensitic territory”. #GermanArms had evidence of the presence of the ship in the port of Assab in Eritrea, 60 kilometres from the coast of Yemen – on the basis of satellite images.

The mine sweeper Murjan – up in 2005 in the German army as the “Frankenthal” in use – be in July 2017, the Houthi rebels have been attacked, confirmed the French report. The star had identified the ship with the Team of #GermanArms on TV – and satellite images and in the port of Mocha in Yemen, where the attack had taken place at the time.

As #GermanArms the reports mention French howitzers of the type Caesar. You roll on the chassis of the Unimog from Daimler. The guns with a range of 42 kilometers, have stationed the Saudis on the border of the Yemen, and the bombing of the territory of the Houthi rebels in Yemen. According to the “Made in France” cited documents as well as villages, in which civilians living in the target areas of the total of 48 Caesar howitzers. You would be threatened, so the government papers, from the bombs””.

arms exports to war-parties not allowed –

The “Made in France” cited documents also mention the French-built main battle tanks of the type Leclerc, equipped with engines from MTU Friedrichshafen. 70 of them uses the Emirati army, therefore, in Yemen, for example, from military bases in Mocha and Al Khawkhah on the West coast of the country. Some were also stationed in Assab in Eritrea. This fits in with sightings of these tanks near the Al Khawkhah, the star and the other partners of #GermanArms in February had reported. According to the DRM report, the Leclerc tank does not take part directly in Fighting on the front lines in Yemen. Doubt allows, for example, a photo of the French news Agency AFP from November 2018, which shows a Leclerc on a low-loader in the port city of Hodeidah. You is up today between the Saudi coalition and the Huthi controversial.

Some of this Leclerc tank are obviously equipped with a side add-on armour of the type of CLARA. It comes from the German manufacturer, Dynamit Nobel Defence in Burbach. In March 2017, the Grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD approved the export of such reactive armor for the UAE in the value of 126 million euros.

#GermanArms searches

arms export policy: the Opposition is bankrupt to see the “explanation of the whole system”

The #GermanArms searches revealed that German weapons technology in the Yemen-is a war. The Secretary of state was now due to evasive answers under pressure and promised then but still comprehensive education.

Of Hans-Martin Tillack

As a reaction to the research of #GermanArms the Federal government has now recognised officially that it has allowed Saudis and Emiratis, such a war in Yemen-war. Both countries supported the internationally-recognized government, it said in a paper of the Federal Ministry of Economics to #GermanArms of 4. April: “Insofar as the armaments used in the past from Germany or as a German subcontracting on EU/NATO Partner to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates were delivered, violated their military use – also outside the borders of the territory of these States – not the End-user certificates, on the basis of which the permits have been issued.”

unlike other EU countries – such as Austria – granted Berlin will not use in the case of the export of military equipment to the warring parties in Yemen, so no pad, the war machine there. According to the Political principles for arms exports, to which the Federal government wants to keep by his own admission, are not actually permits to third countries “involved in armed conflicts”.

“state lie” in France

The French are the secret documents also interesting, because they show, in what detail Western intelligence services can monitor the course of the war in the Yemen. Similar to recently, the Federal government in the case of German arms technology had also protested the government in Paris in the past, their was a use of French weapons in the war zone, nothing is known. This is the French investigative portal media part, which is involved in addition to the TV station Arte and others on the project “Made in France”, referred to now as the “mensonge d’etat” – as a “state lie”.


arms exports

show Sensitive logs, such as the government’s arms exports justified

Hans-Martin Tillack

According to the documents, which have been able to analyse the French media, also designed in France, and the UAE delivered corvettes of the type Baynunah at the naval blockade part. You would like the Muray Jib – in addition, “to support land operations on Yemeni territory”, – stated in a DRM document from the end of September 2018. The 70-metre Baynunah corvettes will be powered by engines from the German manufacturer MTU and are equipped with cannons of Rheinmetall. They also use anti-aircraft missile systems, the types of RAM and ESSM, which contain German components.

Since March, 2016 corvettes of this type as other, completely built in Germany, war ships in the port of Assab in Eritrea. The Emiratis have established a military base. A group of experts for the UN security Council accused the UAE, therefore, already in the year 2017, a “violation” of the UN arms embargo that for years about Eritrea was imposed. Until the end of 2018, the UN lifted the sanctions. According to the German foreign trade regulation, the “transit was to March 2019 even” weapons of war by Eritrea banned. The Federal government has so far dodged the question of whether it was allowed the Emiratis, with the stationing in the Federal Republic of Germany made the war, the UN device-to break sanctions, and possibly German export rules.

From the German point of view also interesting: The report of the “Made in France” also mentions the German-French artillery radar Cobra, the, the Federal government approved only a few days ago the export of components, with the Final destination in UAE. One of these systems have stationed the Saudis, therefore, just North of the border with Yemen, near the town of Dhahran – supposedly only “defensive”.

partners in the project #GermanArms were the star of the ARD magazine “Report München”, the Dutch research office of Lighthouse Reports, the Bellingcat investigative network, as well as Deutsche Welle.


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