With the help of cadaver dogs, the Berlin police has continued on a lake in Brandenburg, the search for the missing Rebecca. Investigators of the homicide squad and dog handlers with two of the animals were the Southeast on Monday with a boat on the Wolziger lake of Berlin, a police spokeswoman said. There are specially trained dogs that can detect bodies in the water. The 15-year-old Rebecca is since the 18th century. February in Berlin disappeared – exactly a month.

the divers were not used, according to the police in the search. In the afternoon, the use of without result was completed. As it is, it is not clear yet, said a spokeswoman. The murder in the Commission of a homicide. The brother-in-law of the young people sits as the main suspect in custody.

Missing 15-Year-old

What is the role of the Internet-friend? Rebecca’s sister takes the man in protection

police are looking for since weeks

In the past few weeks, the police had already searched in two forest fragments in the vicinity of the Wolziger lake with dogs and modern technology. Evidence of witnesses who may want to have the car of the brother-in-law seen, to get there.

a Few kilometres North of the highway 12 Berlin-Frankfurt (Oder). There the car of the brother-in-law of Rebecca was recorded on the Morning of her disappearance, as well as the following evening. Last weekend, the police used special search dogs, so-called piece of mantra, along the highway and the exits.

piece of mantra-expert, criticized the police

A long-standing trainer and a trainer for these dogs is not holds the procedure, however, for promising. “The search along the highway, I see very, very critical,” said Karina lime. You and your colleagues would test dogs. To send “someone on foot or Bicycle, works very reliably, but not a hundred percent. To say a Person driving the car, and we’ll find you, worked for us, never, really never. And I say once again: My dogs are not the dumbest.” The search for a corpse in a lake, however, was with trained dogs. Animals could smell the odor particles in anodic decomposition gases. “This works very, very reliable.”

rw/ Andreas Rabenstein / DPA