The Berlin police has continued its search for the missing 15-year-old Rebecca in Brandenburg. As mentioned previously, the use of focus on the area around the heart lake, said a police spokesman.

once Again, specialists of the Technical relief organisation (THW). Forces steps with a spade through the forest. By the afternoon, it was found according to the police, nothing.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has been missing for almost two months. She had last lived in the house of your sister and your brother-in-law in Berlin-Neukölln and was on the Morning of the 18. February, not in the school appeared. Investigators assume that the young people did not leave the house alive, but the victim of a crime.

The brother-in-law of Rebecca was recently released from prison, because a judge saw no probable cause. The brother-in-law applies according to the authorities, but more than suspicious. Forest areas and lakes South of highway 12, the Berlin-Frankfurt (Oder) has been searched by the police several times already, consuming. Background two ambiguous journeys of the brother-in-law on the A12 after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s.