Berlin/London (Reuters) – In the search for a Brexit-a compromise between the government of Prime Minister Theresa May and the Labour Opposition, no concrete solution has been found, according to media reports.

In the conservative party in government, the criticism May be because of their cooperation with the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn is getting louder and louder. Also in the case of Labour it is busy, busy, busy.

A group of deputies called on Corbyn on Thursday to support a second Referendum on the EU exit. The talks should be continued, as a government spokesperson announced on Thursday evening. So far, they had been “detailed and productive”. In media reports, it was said, could already be in the afternoon, a summary was drawn.

The British “Guardian” suggests that the government is planning a vote on Alternatives to the Brexit agreement in the coming week. According to the paper should be a second Referendum as an Option. May had asked for a re-vote in prospect, should fail the talks with Corbyn. Labour is aiming for a much closer relationship to the EU after Brexit, as previously planned by the government.

However, May might send according to rumors, already today a Letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk with a request for a further postponement of the Brexit period. It is unclear, however, how you want to justify the shift.

May have to submit, no later than on Wednesday at the EU special summit in Brussels with a Plan how to go on. Otherwise, it is already next Friday (12. April) an unregulated Brexit.

The German taxpayer will have to adjust in a non-Brexit apply in the short term, a cash injection of Hundreds of millions of euros to the European Union. EU budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger told the German press Agency, “less than half a billion euros” would have to Germany this year, in addition, if the UK leaves without a contract from the EU and no EU pays contributions. The sum, however, is comparatively small, said Oettinger. “That is acceptable.”

in 2019, would create a No-Deal-Leaving a financial hole of the net four to five billion euros, said the CDU politician. 2020, there would be twelve billion, which should be covered by savings and the other half through additional contributions. Even then, Germany would have to make up for the so.

The likelihood of the United Kingdom on the 12. April – in one week – actually without a contract is terminated, the prized, the German Commissioner to 50 percent. “I think a better solution than an Exit without a Deal comparable to probably the worst solution: an Exit without a Deal,” said Oettinger.

The search for Consensus by May with the leader of the opposition Corbyn, he greeted them with the words “better late than never”. But Oettinger also said: “the fact That the two leading parties have so long sought in any Form of a common solution, it is difficult to understand. Now it’s five to twelve is, in my opinion, still a Chance that up to the European Council next Wednesday may be a smarter solution than an Exit without any agreement might come.”

The special summit on Wednesday could the EU heads of state and government, according to Oettinger’s assessment on request from the UK for a short postponement to 22. May as well as a longer shift with participation in the European elections. “It’s all in the British themselves”, he said.