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search Emanuale Orlandi: Open graves in the Vatican are empty (12.47 PM)Merkel’s completed greeting of the Danish Prime Minister, partly in a Sitting position (12.39 PM)the protection of the Constitution: Identitarian movement is clearly a right-wing extremist (12.00)SPD is permitted to exclude Sarrazin from the party (11.01 PM)French coma-Patient died (10.05 PM)report: Iran tries to hijack British oil Tanker (3.07 PM)Man survives fall from Niagara falls (1.11 PM)tourists die in storms in Greece (0.46 PM)

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+++ 13.45 PM: Eleven people are Dead and several injured by car bomb in Syria +++

In the case of the Explosion of a car bomb in Northern Syria have been killed at least eleven people, and more than 30 injured. The Explosion occurred at the entrance of Afrin, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights. The town near the Turkish border is controlled by rebels supported by Turkey. The rebels had captured the area in March last year by the Kurds.

+++ 13.00 p.m.: police arrested an intruder on the grounds of Buckingham Palace +++

The London police arrested an intruder on the grounds of Buckingham Palace feast. The unarmed 22-Year-old had climbed over the fence into the yard, informed Scotland Yard. In the case of the incident there were no references to terrorist intentions, added the police.

The British tabloid “The Sun” reported that the man was able to walk four minutes on the site, before the police took him in. Queen Elizabeth II stayed at the time in the Palace, confirmed a spokesman for the Royal family.

+++ 12.47 PM: On search for missing property girl in the Vatican, open tombs are empty +++

The search for the 36 years ago, missing daughter of a Vatican employee on a German pilgrim cemetery in Rome has remained inconclusive. The open graves of the two Prince had the senses, empty, informed the Vatican. The fate of the since the 22 remains. June 1983 missing Emanuela Orlandi, who was turned at the age of 15 years of music lessons from home, more unclear.

The case is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries in recent Italian crime story. A year ago, the lawyer of the family received a photo provided notice, after which the Remains of the Disappeared, allegedly, under a tombstone on the pilgrim cemetery were buried. Then they came for the Vatican’s justice is an Opening of the two graves.