A popular with tourists is the beach in Northern, California, national Park Point Reyes has been taken by a Horde of elephant seals in the fitting.

In the past few weeks would have made dozens of animals at the Drake’s Beach is wide, so the beach for people unfortunately closed should remain, informed the Park management on Friday on their Facebook page. Park Keeper, with the recent budget freeze of the U.S. government responsible for it.

The “Shutdown” lasted more than a month, and also resulted in in January, beaches, Parking lots and access roads in the well-an hour’s drive North of San Francisco to the nearby Point Reyes-have remained locked in the national Park. The sea-elephants, which usually go secluded coves, spread as a result of the “shutdown” at the deserted destination. Also, a higher high tide and winter storms may have played a role, such as Park biologists, the “Marin Independent Journal” explained.

Among the sea-elephants, many pregnant, were females. According to the recent census in the section of the beach more than 40 seal pups were born. To a Parking lot and picnic tables, some of the lake penetrated elephant bulls. This is not entirely without risk: The tons and tons of marine mammals can be aggressive.

The beach was, therefore, on the weekend as a precaution, closed, informed the Park management. But Ranger might be available in the Parking lot to allow visitors a safe view of the sea-elephant. You must, however, be flexible if the “new Management” should decide to occupy the way and Park area, joked the authority.