The German aid organisation, Sea Watch wants to the collected donations for the captain Carola Missiles with other distress rescuers in common use.

“It will be formed a Committee, because we want to use the money as effectively as possible for the rescue, not only for Sea-Watch, but we want to work together to look at where it is most needed,” said spokesman Ruben Neugebauer of the German press Agency.

In this panel, representatives of aid organisations and of the network’s pier, the campaigns for the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean. A portion of the donations will be used for the costs of Missiles.

After the arrest of the 31-Year-old in Italy, there was a wave of solidarity. Alone on the call of the TV presenters Jan böhmermann and Klaas Heufer circulation of almost one Million euros came together so far.

Missiles comes from lower Saxony. She is now free again, against her will, but determined in Italy. You had gone with the ship “Sea-Watch 3” and dozens of migrants on Board illegally in the port of Lampedusa.