The Italian coast guard found the rescue ship of the German aid organization, the Sea-Watch for irregularities and it does not extend.

After the Creation of the boat with 47 migrants in Catania, various inspections were carried out, informed the coast guard. A “series of procedure had been found to adversity”, with regard to the safety and protection of the sea. The “Sea-Watch 3” should only depart again, if this matter had been resolved.

the Netherlands had been turned on as a flag state, – stated in the message. The “Sea-Watch 3” was almost two weeks with rescued migrants at sea, before it could create in Italy.

There is an urgent need to come in the coming weeks for a “transparent and reliable Ad-hoc mechanism for the disembarkation and distribution of Rescued at sea”, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry in Berlin. Work on this temporary mechanism must continue to press the EU Commission to the member States. In order to ensure that quickly to a safe starting will found the port, and many States participate. This, too, but could be no substitute for a lasting solution to the problem in the framework of the common EU asylum policy.

Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini private rescue wants to ships berthing in the ports of the country ban and has called for investigations into Sea-Watch.

Sea-Watch in the new development is a confirmation for the “criminalization campaign” against NGOs. “It was apparently exerted considerable pressure on the coast guard to find anything we can fix,” said spokesman Ruben Neugebauer of the German press Agency. It is obviously a matter of “pulling the last civilian rescue vessel out of the traffic”.