The reading of the local Sunday Newspapers is not always fun, because for about three years, all local Sunday Newspapers are full of Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

last weekend, however, the “Sunday Times had hidden” a small Text on the page three, the Headline made me a lot of joy, although it was sort of about Brexit, it was for me exactly the right cut lot of gossip, facts and madness. Since Science has dim view of Brexit voters’ brains: “a”, which translates roughly as “science considers Brexit-voters under-exposed.” Or, somewhat acuminate: people voted for the EU-farewell thinner mixture than the Europe-friends.

Fullscreen ©Jack Taylor psychological Test results: Brexiteers have deficits

It is a fact, that researchers from the University of Missouri on behalf of the British “Privacy Foundation” before the damned Referendum 11.225 volunteers subjected to a psychological Test, with the result that Brexiteers are less computer knowledgeable, but to like impulsive, and on top of that tend to be authoritarian figures. To Leave the participants with a slope, it was said in the study, carry a significantly higher degree of authority in faith and sense of duty in the Remain-voters, which is to certify a certain degree of risk-Aversion.

I don’t know the best will in the world, such as, for example, the question “If five machines five minutes to five things, how long do 100 machines need to have 100 things?” to distill is, whether one is pro or anti-European. But I have faith in scientific authorities, and am therefore obviously also a Leave-in jeopardy.

in Principle, however, Why the need for this Form of knowledge gain such a voluminous Test? Was that not clear? Three years ago, Boris Johnson came with a red Bus travelling across the country. 350 million pounds per week, on the Bus, would no longer be transferred to Brussels, but to the health system is pumped. Nonsense of course, but the mischief caught, and many who could not count properly class, and may, believe the nonsense until today. Only specimens of one of the a lot of Calculation, but must suffice at this point, and for reasons of space.

“it May be that the Remain-voters have a higher IQ”

the reaction of The incriminated Leaver and the usual Suspects on the scientific paper was, of course, the usual suspect. The former UKIP leader Nigel Farage questioned the result, although not wholly, and said: “It may be that the Remain-voters have a higher IQ,” spoke to them but flight, the Practical – “I’m not sure how many of you can cook an Egg”. Whether this verdict means that everybody who can boil an Egg, has chosen Brexit, Farage.

M. extensor: Last Call

All the collecting and hoarding out of fear of Brexit. We don’t

By Michael Streck

is Quite obvious, however, that many MPs left in Westminster or at least in the EU and Brexit – the question was not a particularly bright impression, and the venerable Palace has been for months a intellectual Low of historic proportions. A, Bridgen, conservative Andrew, claimed the other dead serious in the BBC, all the British would be entitled to an Irish passport, and could remain after the EU-farewell ergo, citizens of the EU. The of this monstrous stupidity overwhelmed the Moderator had to ask again and because of the many Demands of the news move. Probably Bridge can cook great eggs.

Now say all Brexiteers, per se, computing weakness and stupidity, is not on the other. I know quite a few that are exceptionally nice and smart and their voices against the EU in the Referendum is extremely coherent and logical. One of the top Outisten is even a shiny computer, and even better Opportunist and has benefited from the Brexit veritabel. The Ultra-hardline Jacob Rees-Mogg was before his life as a politician, an investment banker and founded in 2007, the “Somerset Capital Management” (SCM). Since the Brexit has doubled the sales of the company and he deserves according to conservative estimates, at least seven million pounds. Stupid is not, in practical things in a stupid way, but to completely life disabled. Rees-Mogg has six kids and can switch to the private Show no diaper. There are kids girl. Eggs, he also can, and is, therefore, to Nigel Farage’s logic Remainern similar.

“, such As embarrass me in front of the whole world?”

Alas, today it is in the Rest of the more in the house with the monumental performance of “How I embarrass myself in front of the eyes of the Nation and the world”. Prime Minister Theresa May is once again on its Brexit Deal to the vote. She travelled to Strasbourg on a Monday, sat at night in addition to EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker, and both were during the joint press conference, as would have been served for Dinner fossil mussels. On Tuesday Mrs May a couple of modified passages in the EU will have to Farewell your Parliament, as the reinvention of sliced bread to sell. That’s British logic in times of Brexit, good luck. May rides her luck, she rolls and rolls and rolls. Maybe you made the Dumb Test from the “Sunday Times”. One of the questions in there was: If you roll a five-sided die 50 Times, how often is an odd number appears? 5, 25, or 30 Times?

And maybe she has even found the correct answer (30). That would be comforting in a hard time for May. If you don’t? Continue to roll the dice.

Or Egg on it. But cooked please.