The controversial film documentary “school for parents” therapies in child and youth clinic in Gelsenkirchen has now launched the justice on the Plan. After the display of a doctor Essen public prosecution office initiated investigations against the facility. It is about the suspicion of abuse of minor, said a spokesman authorities on Tuesday at the request of the German press Agency. “It’s about the actions shown in the Film,” he explained. The clinic referred to the allegations in a statement as “baseless”. “The display we see as an opportunity to refute the unauthorized charges against the clinic legally,” said the management.

The first just three weeks ago in the cinemas, launched a two-hour Film is about the multi-week treatment of psychosomatic patients toddlers and preschool children with massive eating and sleep disorders, or children screaming for 14 hours of the day. In the stationary therapies in the Department of pediatric psychosomatics, the parents are heavily involved. Each year, the Department treats approximately 150 children and their parents.

Since its release in October, the parents of school makes “” for the controversial debates on the methods of therapy methods. It is shown, for example, as children with sleep disorders spend alone in a dark bedroom in the night and eventually sleep through the night. A girl who learns so far only fries and Chicken Nuggets ate, with difficulty, to eat other dishes. To see desperate parents with great difficulty, to leave your child alone. Critics such as the children’s doctor and book author Herbert Renz-fault upholstery, in the establishment of children forcibly behave in a certain way forced on, you would be forced to eat. The complaint against the clinic, he described on Tuesday as “courageous and correct”.

book, “Achtung Baby”, “Let the children fight with each other!” America is arguing about German education

According to the Tiger mothers promoted the book “Achtung Baby” the German style of education in the United States. Behind pithy formulations such as fighting and Chaos of the almost unlimited confidence in the abilities of children to self-organize.

criticism from the German child protection Association

Also, according to the German child protection Federation (THIS) contains the Film’s numerous scenes in which children’s mental and physical violence are exposed to. “In the Film shown in the methods of treatment can not be a model for the education of children in Germany,” said childhood and family researcher and THIS-Vice-President Sabine Andresen, according to a message. “These practices lead to uncertainty on the part of parents in dealing with their children.” Child protection Association President Heinz Hilgers said: “the behaviour of parents towards their children so as the hospital staff in the movie, then this is unlawful.”

upbringing of children in the U.S. Who leaves his children alone for a minute, can’t go to jail REUTERS

The clinic had rejected the allegations. “Our work is absolutely free of violence. The clinical methods correspond to the current state of research and the Standards of medical science,” wrote Kurt-André Lion, medical Director of the Department, in a past week, published opinion. The behavior therapeutic program based on the recommendations and guidelines from recognized professional societies, such as the German society for Pediatrics and adolescent medicine. “We are working, as well as other psychosomatic clinics in Germany.” A hospital spokeswoman stressed that the Film have also experienced a lot of encouragement from the audience.

The Film by Jörg Adolph and Ralf Büchel will also be shown on television. When and in what program, it is not clear yet, said a spokesman for the film distributor Zorro Film. In the production of südwestrundfunk was involved.

a number of critics have discovered in the Internet. Including the founder of a collection of signatures against the Film. Until Tuesday, around 22 000 people had signed a statement in which no longer is required to show the Film – neither in the cinema nor on TV nor on the Internet.