the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz rejected a means test on the scheduled value of the basic pension for low earners.

“The SPD proposal for a basic pension is waived entirely aware of the means test, so that no one is deterred to apply for them,” said the social Democrat, the “Rheinische Post”. “In a dispute with the CDU and CSU, which are on the means test, but the question is: Get just 100,000 people, the basic pension – or three-to-four-million?”

the Federal Minister for social Affairs, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to dispense with the basic pension on a means test – which is mentioned in the coalition agreement. His Plan provides for automatic pension supplements for low-income earners who have paid at least 35 years of contributions. Also part-time work, children’s education and care times. Who has less than 896 Euro pension, would get up to 447 euros a month as a surcharge. This can cost around five billion euros in the year.

CDU party boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had said, for the Union, the means test is a question of justice.

Scholz also rejected the compromise proposal from the Union side, a means test, to introduce, to owner-occupied residential property. “We don’t believe in a model in which at the end of just 100,000 benefit. The only disappointment, and there would be no basic pension,” said Scholz. “A basic pension, and get only 100,000 people, is not a basic pension,” he said. He also defended that part-time employees are to receive after 35 years of contribution is also entitled to the basic pension. “Many women have often worked parttime, because you have raised children or relatives cared for. If the hear that you will not get the basic pension, that is unfair.”