The toll for Cars in Germany, according to a ruling by the European court of justice (ECJ) is unlawful. She was in conflict with European law, said the top EU judges on Tuesday in Luxembourg. The levy was holders to the vehicle from abroad to be discriminatory. The introduction of the tax according to the current model is not possible.

So Austria gets with his concerns right – the Alpine Republic had filed a complaint against the toll. The levy was primarily a prestige project of the CSU in the Federal government. The toll should be collected on Federal roads and highways from October 2020. Domestic car owners should be relieved in return for toll payments by means of a lower Car tax completely. Drivers from abroad should pay only on motorways.

the toll as a violation of the principles of the free movement of goods,

Just this transfer with the motor Vehicle tax tasted the EU judges not at all. The planned submission in connection with the discharge in the motor Vehicle tax is “indirect discrimination” on the basis of nationality and violates the principles of the free movement of goods and freedom to provide services, said the ECJ. For German car owners, the toll would be compensated “in full”. As a result, the “economic burden of this levy is spent actually alone on the holders and drivers of other member States authorised vehicles”.

Decided the toll had been as early as 2015. The EU Commission gave its concerns after a long struggle, and slight Changes in 2016. Austria was not satisfied and went to court. The Alpine Republic has argued, the so-called infrastructure levy discriminates against an illegal foreign vehicle owners, because domestic car would be released to the owner of the motor Vehicle tax in full.

After deduction of the costs should raise the toll, according to the of Andreas Scheuer (CSU) guided in the Ministry of transport about 500 million Euro per year for investment in transport infrastructure. The Numbers, however, there were doubts.

Andreas Scheuer: “that the road toll in this Form from the table”

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), said at a press conference after the verdict. the “passenger-Car toll in this Form from the table”. The judgment must be respected “and accepted,” said Scheuer.

It had been set up a Task Force to evaluate the consequences of the decision, so shy more. This will days on Tuesday. The Minister assured that the judgment was not a rejection of a user financing of the infrastructure. This exists in many other EU countries. The organizational implementation had been in “full swing”. He also recalled that the EU have given the Commission the green light to the German model.


point of dispute toll: Now the court of justice in Luxembourg ruled finally on the levy.

joy in Austria, about the judgment to toll

Austria’s transport Minister Andreas Reichhardt was happy about the decision from Luxembourg: “the judges of The ECJ declared the German Car toll to be discriminatory and thus to the happiness of clarity,” said Reichhardt on Tuesday in Vienna.

The verdict was, in his view, a clear Signal for Fairness and a common internal market. He now believes that Germany “will respect the court judgment and, therefore, the discrimination of foreign Car drivers to be put to one side,” said Reichhardt.

In the lawsuit before the court of Austria, of the Netherlands supported Germany from Denmark. It was one of the rare cases in which an EU state against another proceedings for the infringement of EU law in the same way.

Green: Finally, the project is nonsense-toll bury

In Germany, the verdict met with the approval by the Opposition. The Green evaluated the EU’s ruling against the German passenger Car toll as “clap for the Federal government” and requested them not to pursue the topic further. “This CSU-toll would have discriminated against foreigners, and would be a fat minus business. The ruling is a clap for the Federal government,” said the head of the Greens group in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter. “Scheuer should now be a joyful finally, the project is nonsense-toll beer and seriously a sensible transport policy to take care of.” There is a need for a “real shift in Traffic” to low-emission mobility.

The motorists club ADAC, has called for a complete renunciation of such a levy. “The coalition had ruled out a financial burden of the domestic drivers explicitly,” said an ADAC spokesman on Tuesday. “This promise must be complied with in view of the already high level of stress for drivers.”

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