the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer wants to make a tax cut tickets in long-distance transport, the railway is cheaper. The train will reach the important threshold of 150 million passengers, said the CSU politician of the “Bild”newspaper. “In order to continue along this path and to make the railway even more attractive, we also need in the long-distance transport, the railway, the lowering of the VAT on Tickets from 19 to seven percent.”

This could be relieved by the train driver in long-distance transport by up to 400 million euros per year, said Scheuer. “Who is it with the climate protection and the switch from car or plane to train seriously, must begin with the tax.”

– Green call for tax reduction for years

The demand for a lowering of the VAT on long-distance transport tickets it had given in the past on the part of the Green. In the public transport of the reduced VAT rate of seven percent applies.


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Instead of Forbidden, to grab the speed limit or Increase the cost of mobility, would have railway connections made it more attractive, said Scheuer. Between Hamburg and Berlin no longer fly quasi, because the train connection was good. A positive balance, the Minister also for the ICE-line Berlin-Munich, where the passenger would have doubled in numbers. “We have to get on this route for 30 percent of passengers from domestic flight to switch to Rail.”

Opposition: Scheuer criticism by the Opposition, he rejected the brake on the issue of climate protection, abrasives, brakes, climate protection

. “That’s bullshit! I will submit, for example, now a electro-mobility package, to which all departments can participate. I’m making climate protection tangible.”

Scheuer referred to the responsibility of other ministries. So, for example, the Ministry of justice must submit a condominium act, the regulations, charging stations for E-containing cars in the private area. “Must go faster,” said the Minister.

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