The case is made in Norway and beyond headlines: Over a period of months the judiciary was exposed to the Minister Tor Mikkel Wara attacks and threats. So around his house he inhabited with his partner Laila Anita bertheussen has been smeared with the word “racist”. The house had appeared in a theater piece, Bertheussen had protested against the performance, as they saw their privacy violated. Now the surprising turn in the case: it is suddenly considered a suspect, your Partner Wara handed in his resignation.

The graffiti was only the beginning, last Waras car was set on fire. After the arson attack Waras companion was suspected, the car self-ignited and the attack staged. The Norwegian domestic intelligence service PST said after an interrogation by the police that they had collected enough evidence to incriminate Laila Anita bertheussen. You ride but the best is the fact, and planned to prove their innocence.

Minister of justice, Wara had been on leave after learning of the allegations. Now, the PST reported that Berthe is accused of need, all of the threats and attacks against their life companions to have self-executed. This is the result after the evaluation of the Evidence informed PST. It comes to a total of eight attacks. According to her lawyer, bertheussen had not been yet loaded to further Interrogation.


The house of Tor Mikkel Wara, smeared with the word “racist”

©Cornelius Poppe, AFP Wara resignation of a

At a joint press conference by Tor Mikkel Wara and Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s resignation was announced. Solberg said she was disappointed, thanked him for his previous work as Minister of justice. Until a successor is found, is occupied by the office Commissioner.

Wara said that he had decided to take this step because he wanted to be there for his family. It’s been a rough few weeks, he said at the press conference: “There are people who need me more than the government now.” The resignation was his own decision. About his girlfriend and the accusations against them, he did not want to comment. Questions he parried.

Laila Anita Bertheussen is not yet before the court. How to do it in the case, is still unclear. The scandal of Tor Mikkel Wara and his partner is one of the biggest political scandals in Norwegian history.

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Mysterious attacks on Norwegian Minister of the case gets an amazing turnaround

Over a period of months was exposed to the Norwegian Minister of justice, Tor Mikkel Wara threats and attacks on his house. Now his roommate, and his partner is suspected to have this staged.

sources: NRK, PST, “VG”