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Madeira: Survivors fly back Saturday (17.36 PM)impostor drive donations to Notre-Dame (17.05 PM)swastika flags hung in Saxony (14.59 hrs)investigations against AfD-Treasurer (12.57 p.m.)Notre-Dame to get the “big umbrella” (11.34 am), a data breach at Facebook bigger known as (3.13 PM)

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+++ 19.38 PM: Pompeo remains the U.S. representative in talks with North Korea +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will represent the United States in its nuclear talks with North Korea. The Pompeo made it clear on Friday. North Korea had previously demanded, due to its “General character” had to be replaced the Minister as the US representative at the talks. Otherwise there is the risk that the talks “continue to insist”. “It has changed nothing,” said Pompeo after a Meeting with Japanese government representatives in Washington. The work go more, he continue to run the corresponding group. The overarching direction of the nuclear talks have “of course” President Donald Trump, added the Minister. The North Korean foreign Ministry had accused Pompeo, a report by the state news Agency KCNA, according to to impede the talks. The Minister had been “reckless” and immature, said of U.S. Affairs at the North Korean foreign Ministry’s Director Kwon Jong Gun, according to KCNA. He also got hurt with “ruthless Expressions of the Dignity of the Supreme leadership” of North Korea. According to observers, North Korea might have been based on a Statement Pompeos at a Senate hearing that the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un as a “tyrant” could be.

+++ 17.36 PM: Survivors of the bus crash that took place from Madeira to fly back on Saturday +++

most of The in the case of the bus accident on the island of Madeira by German soldiers to be brought on Saturday, and back home. The confirmed Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, after a visit to the hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça in the island’s capital, Funchal. Overall, were treated on Friday, 16 injured in the hospital, 14 of them German, as well as the driver and tour guide, both of which are Portuguese. The visited patients have brought great recognition and gratitude for the helpers to the expression, quoted by Portuguese media Sousa.

+++ 17: 28: Islamists kill villagers in Cameroon +++

In an attack by Islamist militia Boko Haram in Cameroon, eleven villagers have been killed. According to security forces, the militants of the group were attacked in the night of Friday, a village in the Region Tschakamari in the North of the country, and set huts on fire. The victims burned in the bedroom. Boko Haram has been fighting for years by force for the establishment of an Islamic state in the Muslim-majority North-East Nigeria. In the case of attacks by the group more than 27,000 people were killed, 1.8 million people are on the run. Meanwhile, the conflict spread to Nigeria’s neighbouring countries Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

+++ 17.15: One dead in attack on Ebola ward in Congo +++

Unknown have attacked in the East of the Congo again in an Ebola centre. At least one person was killed in the attack on a hospital in the city of Butembo, several more injured, as the head of the world health organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said via Twitter. Health care workers struggled to save lives and should not be the target, he urged. The renewed attack on an Ebola centre was very worrying. The town of Butembo in the North Kivu province is located in the centre of the current Ebola epidemic.

+++ 17.15: Church wall, burying 13 of the faithful during the Easter worship service +++

The collapse of a wall came up in a Church in South Africa, 13 people were killed. According to the authorities, were injured in the accident on Thursday evening, more than a dozen people. Some of them float further in mortal danger. The disaster in the city of Dlangubo in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, happened, according to a government official during an Easter Church service in the late evening. After heavy rains and strong Winds, the wall had fallen “to the faithful,” said Lennox Mabaso. First it was said that the roof of the Church collapsed.

+++ 17.05 PM: Incorrect appeals for donations to Notre-Dame – the state’s attorney determined initiated +++

Because of incorrect calls for donations for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame the Paris Prosecutor’s office an investigation. You’re looking due to organised fraud, said the Prosecutor’s office. Earlier, the French heritage Foundation Fondation du Patrimoine display has to be refunded, because Unknown would gather in your name to donate. The Foundation had already started shortly after the fire, a collection for the reconstruction. The public Prosecutor called for vigilance. Unknown would try, by E-Mail and phone donations to collect and their victims to call to transfer the money by Bank Transfer to your Bank account.

+++ at 15: 24: Turkey takes in the case of Kashoggi two alleged Saudi spies +++

More than six months after the murder of the Saudi government critics Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey has two of the alleged Saudi spies take. The state news Agency Anadolu reported that the men had been detained on the orders of the Istanbul public Prosecutor. To check whether the Suspicious Connections to the murder of Khashoggi. The Journalist had been killed at the beginning of October in the Saudi Consulate in the Istanbul district of Besiktas. The Turkish authorities make a from Saudi Arabia angereistes Murder squad responsible for this. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had repeatedly stressed, “the highest circles” were involved. The Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is also suspected of international, the fact, in order given, or at least of you know.


Other unclear donations to AfD-Kreisverband – almost exclusively straw people on the donor list

+++ 15: 07: donations affair disturbed, apparently, potential AfD voters +++

The donations affair of the AfD is for the party may be at risk in the upcoming elections. An Insa poll on behalf of des AfD Federal Executive Board revealed that 39 percent of the respondents to interfere in the affair, reported the “mirror”. In the case of the “AfD-savvy voters”, i.e., those that could imagine, the right-wing populist party, be it even 45 percent. After a party internal evaluation of the survey the theme of “a high potential for Concern in the case of the AfD-voters have,” the magazine writes. A lack of a clear demarcation of the party from the right edge concern, while 28 percent of AfD voters for discomfort, the discussion on a Monitoring of the party even in the case of 61 percent, the report says. The Bundestag administration had imposed on the AfD recently because of illegal party donations in two cases, penalties of a total of 402.900 Euro.

+++ 14.59 PM: swastika flags in Saxony +++

the Unknown hung in Frankenberg in Saxony the two swastika flags hung. The forbidden symbols were found in the Morning on a motorway bridge and a Mast, the police announced. The officials declined the flags. The police determined because of the using of symbols of unconstitutional organisations. Just yesterday, an Unknown person had painted in front of a house in the Westphalian town of Billerbeck is a several Meter large swastika on the road. In the house, according to police, the “Old tannery”, which was built more than hundred years ago by a Jewish family. During the Holocaust many members of the family had been deported and murdered. According to a police spokesperson, the four times five meters large swastika was removed. The state protection determines.

+++ 14: 46: the French Ambassador in the United States compares Trump with Louis XIV. + + +

The outgoing French Ambassador to the U.S., Gérard Araud, has US President Donald Trump compared to the sun king. “It is as if one tries to analyze the court of Louis XIV.,” said Araud, who is in retirement, the British “Guardian” about the Trump-government. “There’s an old king who is a bit quirky, unpredictable and bad, but he wants to be the one who makes the decisions.” Araud is for his Trump-criticism is known. After its victory in the US presidential election in November 2016, he had tweeted: “After Brexit, and this election, anything is possible. A world crumbling in front of our eyes.” Shortly thereafter, the Tweet was gone, however, from the Account.

+++ 14.37 PM: Berlin-an assassin Amri was reportedly part of a Europe-wide terrorist network +++

investigations in Germany, France and Belgium to throw a “mirror”report according to which a new light on the bombers from the Berlin Christmas market, Anis Amri. The Tunisians had been involved in a Europe-wide network of supporters of the terrorist group Islamic state, reported the mirror, citing documents of the General Federal Prosecutor and the Federal criminal police office. Accordingly, the Compounds up to enough men behind the Paris attacks 2015. In the opinion of the investigator Amri have forged multiple terrorist plans with other jihadists, it said. In the year prior to the stop in Berlin at the end of 2016, he was simultaneously in contact with four members of the IS in Libya.

+++ 14.10 PM: All the paintings of Notre-Dame undamaged +++

All the paintings of the Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame are saved: France’s Minister of culture, Franck Riester reported that they had not been damaged by the devastating fire “” and would be brought in the course of the day in safety. Expected to be in the Louvre and in other museums stored. Among the images among other works of the painter Laurent de La Hyre, and Charles Le Brun from the 17th century. Century. During the fire, among other things, the crown of thorns, worn by Jesus, according to Tradition, the crucifixion could be treasures in the night to Tuesday, other art and relics rescued. Later, the cock of the collapsed pointed tower was found.

+++ 13.57 PM: Private space freighter “Cygnus” docked to the ISS at +++

The private space freighter “Cygnus” has two minutes earlier than planned successfully to the International space station ISS. The US space Agency Nasa confirmed on Twitter. The unmanned freighter was launched on Wednesday with around 3,500 kilograms of Material on Board the US state of Virginia to the ISS. The U.S. astronaut Anne McClain and canadian David Saint-Jacques were able to make the freighter, loaded Material for scientific experiments, using a robot arm to the Station. “Cygnus” is to remain until the end of July with the ISS.

+++ 13.49 PM: police in Bochum shoots armed pensioners, to the cemetery down +++

in a cemetery in Bochum police shot last night on an armed pensioner after he threatened the officers. The 77-Year-old has been “greatly injured in hospital”, informed the police of Essen and Bochum public Prosecutor’s office. A witness informed accordingly by the police that he observed a man with a presumably loaded firearm on the cemetery. When the officers arrived at 18 o’clock there, “there was a threat of action” of pages of the pensioner. For your own protection, police officers would have on the 77-Year-old shot. The homicide division of the police of Essen took over the investigation. Why the man was armed in the cemetery on the way, was is not yet known. Witnesses were called to report to the police.

+++ 12.57 PM: public Prosecutor’s office determined against AfD-Treasurer +++

In the AfD-donations affair determined the public Prosecutor’s office Berlin against the Federal Treasurer of the party, Klaus Fohrmann. There are suspicions of a violation of the party law, the report of the “mirror” and the ARD magazine “Report” . Therefore have been made in the accountability reports of the 2016 and 2017 possibly false information. Background to the investigation are questionable election campaign in aid of the Stuttgart-based “Association for the preservation of the rule of law and civil liberties”. This made using the Swiss advertising Agency Goal AG for many years, the mood for the AfD. Among other things, the Association was, therefore, of the party in the parliamentary election in 2017 apparently, thousands of copies of a right-wing weekly newspaper as a campaign material. In the investigation it according to the Prosecutor’s office to questionable advertising in the value of “a total amount in the lower six-digit range”.

Fohrmann explained, to him, the investigation procedure was not yet known. The AfD is due to a variety of dubious campaign donations are under pressure.


“right-wing agitation” at the witching hour: historian and Auschwitz Committee appalled by AfD-speech

A speech by the AfD’s Deputy Thomas Ehrhorn in the Bundestag for a few days, virtually unnoticed. About the content of historians, politicians and the International Auschwitz are horrified Committee. Compared to the star to tell you why. Also Ehrhorn is indignant about the criticism of his statements.

+++ 12.46 PM: IS a complaint is the first stop in the Congo, for +++

The terrorist organization Islamic state has claimed for the first Time, a stop in the Congo. In an attack near the Eastern city of Beni in the North Kivu province, at least three soldiers had been killed, it said in a message of the IS, which was distributed through the usual channels of extremists in social media. Congolese government representatives had spoken after the attack Tuesday, two soldiers killed. At the same time, IS spoke of a new “province of Central Africa” of your organization.

+++ 12.30 PM: thousands of Christians pull through Jerusalem +++

thousands of Christians are drawn on good Friday, in several processions through the old city of Jerusalem. The monks were in their brown and black robes on the Via Dolorosa, the faithful sang and wore wooden crosses. Protestants went on pilgrimage to the Protestant Church of the Redeemer, Catholics to the Church of the Holy sepulchre. The Church of the Holy sepulchre in Jerusalem is the place where Jesus died in the Christian Faith, and was resurrected. On Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday will be celebrated in the Church fairs.

+++ 11.34 PM: Notre-Dame to the “big umbrella” to get +++

A “big umbrella” to protect the badly damaged Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame in front of the water. It was a great Plane, to be mounted on the building, said the President of the Association of architects of historic buildings, Charlotte Hubert, the channel BFM TV . The chief architect will create a “large umbrella”, should be in the Form of a pointed roof. The design had to be larger than the original roof, so that the artisans can work including.

the roof of the world-famous Cathedral had been destroyed in the fire on Monday night in great Parts. For next week, rain is in Paris predicted. Already the fire was in the Cathedral a great deal of damage. Rain could cause damage to the building. Minister of culture, Franck Riester told the station that it would be particularly dangerous if water would accumulate on the roof of the Cathedral. This would increase the danger of collapse.

Inferno in Paris

New air recording shows massive damage to Notre-Dame

The fire damage to the Parisian Notre-Dame Cathedral are massive. A 360-degree shot from the air shows the destruction. Nevertheless, the President of France, Macron holds a reconstruction within five years is feasible.

AFP +++ 10.38 PM: monkey slaughtered and filmed: imprisonment for three Vietnamese +++

Because you have slaughtered a rare monkey in front of the camera and the Video live on Facebook, three men in Vietnam is now in jail. A court in the district of Huong Khe in the North of the country, sentenced Phan Van Hoi (33), and Thai Dinh Quy (58) due to violations of the endangered species act to one year in prison, the official daily newspaper of “VnExpress” berichtee. Thai Kim Hong (51) must be for up to 15 months behind bars. Three other men received suspended sentences. In the case of the slaughtered animal, it was a copy of a rotschenk leagues dress monkey. These animals are endangered in Vietnam.

The men had killed the monkey in November, and his raw brain eaten. A belief that the consumption of the Affenhirns intelligence. The Video spread in the social network and in local media and triggered in the Vietnam protests. The Clip has been removed from Facebook, but was previously downloaded several times.

+++ 10.07 PM: bus with 73 children in accident on A2 implicated +++

the cold is a rear-end collision on the motorway A2, in the a with children is occupied, the coach was involved is lost in the night. A 19-Year-old bounced between Bad Eilsen and Veltheim with his Car from the initially unknown cause against the guard rail, the police announced in Bielefeld, Germany. Before his vehicle went up in flames, he could save himself unharmed. In the Wake of the 39-year-old driver of the 81 inmates occupied the bus from the Netherlands with a low speed, drove to the scene of the accident waiting Car. A 26-year-old Berliner, who was sitting on the passenger seat in the Car was injured slightly. All passengers, including 73 children, remained unharmed. The road of the A 2 in direction Dortmund was blocked for three hours until four o’clock in the morning in part.

+++ 9.59 PM: at Least 13 Dead in collapse of Church roof in South Africa +++

The collapse of a Church roof have been killed in South Africa, at least 13 people. 16 people had been injured in the Church of Dlangubo near Durban in the East of the country, informed a authorities representative. The incident occurred, therefore, yesterday Agabend during a trade show. Cause of the accident a heavy rain was apparently. The roof of the Church collapsed, therefore, said the representatives of the authorities.

29 Dead after accident

Survivors of the Madeira disaster, remember: “The Bus was getting faster and faster”

DPA +++ 9.51 PM: 16 injured in the bus crash that took place in Madeira still in the hospital +++

Two days after the bus accident on the Portuguese Atlantic island of Madeira are still to be treated 14 German and two Portuguese in the hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça in Funchal. Two of them were more on the intensive care unit, quoted by the Online newspaper “Observador”, the hospital Directorate. Life In danger, no one was. Originally, the 28 injured had been brought to the hospital, “26, of German nationality,” said the clinic. A Patient later died. Numerous other have been released by now. At the time of the accident, the driver and the tour guide had been injured, both Locals. The driver could not be interviewed, according to Reports. Early Wednesday evening, a coach with dozens of German tourists had strayed in the village of Caniço from the road and down a slope to a house overthrown. 29 people died.

+++ 8.25 PM: Thousands of migrants from Cuba to reach the border between Mexico and the USA +++

Around a thousand migrants from Cuba in the last days in the city of Ciudad Juárez, on the border between Mexico and the United States arrived. According to official data, 260 Cubans more on Monday reached the city, on Tuesday, around 250. On Wednesday 350 migrants were en registered, on Thursday 130. Most of the Cubans who want to apply for in the USA, the asylum, came with their families. In the extreme South of Mexico, some 5,000 migrants of different nationalities joined together, according to the National Institute for Migration to several treks and moved to the USA through the state of Chiapas. Among them are people from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cuba.

+++ 7.20 PM: Trump is the first state guest of Japan’s new Emperor +++

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, according to the White house, the first foreign guests of state, the future Japanese Emperor Naruhito receives after his accession to the throne in may. Trump travel from the 25. up to the 28. May according to Japan, said his spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders. He was thus the first state guest after the for the 1. May planned accession to the throne of Naruhito. In Japan, Trump will also lead discussions with government chief Shinzo Abe. The Meeting served the purpose of the US to appreciate Japanese relations as the “cornerstone for peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific Region and around the world.” Japan’s Emperor Akihito enters at 30. April as the first Japanese Monarch for more than two centuries back. On 1. May mounts then his eldest son, crown Prince Naruhito, to the chrysanthemum throne.

+++ 6.14 PM: Chinese medical soldiers come to the military exercise, according to Germany +++

the Chinese soldiers come in the summer for the first time to a large-scale military exercise of the medical service to Germany. In the case of a fictitious UN-used, the paramedic must be an outbreak of Cholera in several refugee, is complicated by a large number of injuries to other camps. “There are about 100 Chinese and just as many German soldiers will participate in the Exercise,” said an army spokesman. The Exercise “Combined Aid to 2019” is from the 3. to 17. July in the lower Bavarian town of Feldkirchen. The medical training regiment of the German army has its headquarters. The exercise series is in the military cooperation between Germany and China, so far, unique. In 2016, the German soldiers were to first-aid exercise in China.

+++ 5.40 PM: Australian father saves toddler from the mouth of a Dingo +++

On the Australian island of Fraser Island, a camp dad has freed his 14-month-old son, apparently at the last Moment from the mouth of a Dingo. Several wild dogs were at night in the living of the family of the young car invaded and had him dragged away from his sleeping parents, such as local media reports. Accordingly, the father woke up from the scream of the child, as one of the dingoes wanted to beat his son in the bushes, ran outside, and freed the child, told a paramedic the channel ABC, according to. Then the father put out a distress call. The seriously injured Boy was transported by helicopter to the coastal town of Hervey Bay and from there to a children’s hospital to Brisbane flown. He suffered a skull fracture and lacerations to the head and neck.

+++ 4.27 PM: in search of the cause of the bus crash that took place Madeira continues +++

Also on the second day after serious bus crash on the Portuguese Atlantic island of Madeira, authorities continue to investigate the cause of accidents and try to identify the mostly German victims. According to eye witnesses the accident, with 29 deaths and 27 could be injured in a brake failure. The injured driver has not yet been surveyed.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had traveled on the green Thursday on the Portuguese Atlantic island. He met his counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva, visited the incident site, where he laid a wreath, and thanked the auxiliary forces. “We are working hard to bring the injured to this,, home,” said Maas in the evening. In addition, the relatives of the Deceased would be informed. A further appointment of the Minister before the return trip to Germany, a visit to the hospital.