Hamburg: pensioners are scammers, 27,000 euros for the rear cut

Mega-rip-off due to the wrong garden workers: For once, hedge cutting and lawn mowing paid a 73-year-old Hamburger according to police sources, a false craftsman, a Trio of 27 000 Euro. The pensioner gave the men the money in cash before the beginning of the Work on his land, as a spokesman for the police said on Tuesday. The Work was agreed by the Senior a few days earlier with one of the men at the front door. Shortly after starting work at 17. July was the thought of the men in the blue man, however, allegedly, that you are in need of additional equipment and materials for their Work. “They promised to come back the next day, Packed their tools and left,” said the spokesman. The next day, the 73 waited Years in vain for their return. Previously, the Hamburger “the morning had reported post”.

source: DPA

Greifswald: child dies from scalding – mother in court

Nine months after the death of a three-year-old girl who died of scalding, the justice in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, brought the charges against the mother. The 27-year-old woman is accused of negligent homicide, as Martin Cloppenburg, spokesman for the German prosecutors, the German press Agency said. You have bathed the little Emma at the beginning of October 2018 in Wolgast obviously too hot. “We don’t go out of an intentional act.”

The woman had put the child to a “Erkältungsbad” to Sleep. The next Morning it was lying dead in bed. A post-mortem examination showed cause of death as extensive scalding, as the speaker said. Experts have found that up to 30 percent of the skin were scalded. The woman was at the time with the girl and a three-month-old Baby home alone. The indictment is based on what the mother told a psychiatric expert. This I found to be the wife of a “limited access,” said Cloppenburg.

source: DPA

A5: fake police robbed the money van

Two unknown men robbed a money van on the A5 near Karlsruhe. As the police reported, were stopped, the two employees of a security company against 14.45 obviously a false police patrol. They should be of a silver-gray Mercedes with a police-written in the rear of the stopped light have been. Two men with polizeiu form and stored firearms from rose and they requested that the money be released. Subsequently, the suspects fled in an unknown direction.

source: police in Karlsruhe

Wächtersbach: police are investigating after shots on Eritreans xenophobic motive

After shots were fired at a 26-year-old Eritrean in the South Wächtersbach, the investigators are examining a possible extreme right-wing Background of the fact. The General Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am Main stated on Monday evening, a xenophobic motive was to draw “into account”. According to the “mirror” were found during a search of the apartment of the suspect items indicating the affiliation of the after the shooting found dead man to the extreme right-wing scene. The alleged perpetrator had fled the scene, according to information from General Prosecutor’s office and hessischem state office of criminal investigation on Monday afternoon from a car out on the 26-Year-old shot and was then first. The Eritreans was seriously brought injured to the hospital and operated on. His condition is now stabilized. In the Wake of the manhunt for the shooter, police found the afternoon in the neighboring Biebergemünd in a vehicle, a “seemingly lifeless” man. The 55-Year-old from the Main-Kinzig-Kreis, a German citizen, later died in a hospital. According to the Prosecutor General of the dead is the suspected Shooter. The death of the man had not been of the police caused, stressed the Prosecutor General’s office and LKA. The “mirror” according to the investigators assume that the man shot himself.

source: AFP

Gronau: a child falls while Playing from a window

A child is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Gronau from the window and plunged six meters in depth. According to police reports, the Boy from the second floor. He was seriously injured. The injuries were not life-threatening, it said.

source: police Borken

news from Monday, the 22. July

Euskirchen: man kills cock of his neighbors

A man has been killed in Hellenthal in the North Eifel, the cock of his neighbors, because of the spring, livestock should be digging on his property. The man killed the rooster with a shovel, like the police in Euskirchen, Germany, announced on Monday. The owner of the rooster had heard, therefore, on Saturday afternoon, an unusual noise and noticed that his neighbor hit behind a hedge several times. Summoned police officers found the dead rooster on the scene and took up a display for violating the animal protection act. Different information made the Participants to the question of whether the neighbor had entered the property of the chicken owner. The officers, therefore, also because of possible Trespassing.

source: AFP

Aachen: dog rescued, then a car

overrun him Shortly after his rescue from a hot car a dog in Aachen by a car and killed has been overrun. As the authority announced on Monday, was locked up for the four-legged friends on Sunday at almost 30 degrees outside, the temperature in a car with the license plate from düsseldorf. The window had been covered with black towels, “the dog Inside the vehicle but it went visibly bad,” the police: “There was no time to lose, attacked the gap, the officers through a Window and opened the driver’s door.”

Before one of the officers was able to grab the dog, he jumped out of the car and on the road went. The dog “was run over by a passing Car and killed,” police said. “The driver just drove forward” and will for now. The owner of the dog reported in the evening at the police station, to inquire after your pet. You’re being investigated for a violation of the animal protection act.

source: DPA

Hannover: married couple prevents the possible abduction

A man tried to take in Hanover, to drag a 16-Year-old forcibly in his car. A married couple prevented this, the police announced on Monday. The couple were saw, therefore, in the car on the road as you, as the 57-Year-old, the girl was holding. The husband stopped and asked the Stranger, the pupil to let go of. Diese said, that she was not know the man, and him only briefly encountered before. The 57-Year-old left the 16-Year-old and fled with his car. The couple followed the car on Sunday and informed the police. Shortly thereafter, the officers stopped the Suspect and arrested him. The police are investigating the attempted deprivation of liberty.

source: DPA

Überlingen: grandma drowns before the eyes of your family

It should be a happy excursion, but it ended with an 80-year-old woman from the lake County fatal. As the police reported, was to swim the woman with her husband, her son and her granddaughter on Saturday against 14.30 clock in the shore area of the lake Überlingen Osthafen. Suddenly, the woman lost out as yet unexplained cause, the consciousness. The granddaughter discovered her unconscious floating in the water, grandmother, and called for help. Several passers-by pulled the woman out of the water and immediately started with resuscitation measures. The alarmed rescuers were able to revive the 80-Year-old finally successful again. Subsequently, the woman was taken to a hospital, where her condition stabilized, however. She died in the same night.

source: police Baden-Württemberg

Fridingen an der Donau: Rottweiler bite a Chihuahua dead

In baden-württemberg, Fridingen an der Donau has devoured a Rottweiler to a Chihuahua. As the police reported, was out for a walk, the owner of the Chihuahua in the area of the train station and met another dog owner who led a Rottweiler and a mongrel dog in. All the dogs were led by their owners on the leash. The superposition of the four-legged friends to meet the Rottweiler-the dog broke loose and attacked the Chihuahua. Despite immediately agreed to be a veterinarian, the small dog could not be saved. The police are investigating.

source: police Tuttlingen

Neumünster: balcony cancels – three-injured

In Neumünster have been injured, on Sunday evening, three people after the balcony of an apartment was broken house. As the police reported, were the three young people at the age of 18, 19 and 20 years against 20.30 clock on the balcony in the first floor, as this crashed on the road. While two young men got out with only minor injuries, suffered a 18-Year-old bone fractures and had to be an inpatient in a hospital. In the case of the demolition of a parked Vauxhall Astra was damaged. The Car was towed, the sidewalk is blocked. Why the balcony collapsed, is still unclear.

source: police Neumünster

Rudolstadt: bike driver is even drunk for the Push to

too drunk Even to Push a cyclist was on Sunday in the Thuringian town of Rudolstadt. Passers-by called the police, after the man against 16 clock in alcohol-related so strongly swayed that he fell while Pushing his bike several times to the ground. The officials ordered a rescue truck, with the full drunk for the treatment of his rush to the hospital came. A breath test showed the 39-Year-old to 3.14 ppm. As he pushed his bike and drove it to a criminal complaint, this time spared.

source: Thuringian police

Bremen: Drunk throws up at the train station to queue up in the air

With a corn snake, a drunken man terrified at the Bremen Central station, passers-by. Allegedly, the approximately 70-centimetre-long snake wanted to go there just to “take a walk”, as the 38-Year-old, the police said. He threw the snake into the air, and gave them to police information by the Monday Passing for photos. That corn snakes are non-toxic, could not know a woman who fled terrified and screaming.

The police brought the animal after the incident on Saturday in a veterinary practice. Against the 38-Year-old to a method according to clause 17 of the animal was opened protection act. Of the Torture or occasion provides lots of Killing of vertebrate animals is punishable. In its American homeland grain grass snakes can be up to 150 centimetres in length. They feed on mice, frogs and birds.

sources: police Bremen, DPA

Berlin: Party in apartment

In Berlin, escalated, escalated at the weekend, a Party with about 50 guests in a holiday apartment. According to police reports, began on Saturday in the district of Prenzlauer Berg on the rampage individuals, emptied a fire extinguisher in front of the door, damaged the furniture and throwing objects on the road. In addition, some of the guests to have looted the apartment. You get out of wearing electronic devices such as TVs and air conditioners and put them in cars. Witnesses alerted the police. As this was among the guests known, they fled. An immediate search was unsuccessful. Back to a completely devastated apartment remained. The police are investigating on suspicion of a particularly serious violation.

source: police in Berlin

Kolbow: fire in a pigsty – already more than 1000 animals

In Kolbow, a Hamlet in the municipality of Zierzow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) died, burns a swine barn. As the police reported on Monday morning, the found to be 10,000 animals in it. Preliminary information suggests that more than 1,000 will have died of the consequences of the fire. The rescue workers are currently trying to bring as many animals as possible into the open.

source : police Ludwigslust

Mainz: Unknown shooting with air gun on ambulance

In Mainz, Germany, is the car on late Sunday evening at 23 PM, a rescue with an air rifle or an air gun had been fired. As the police reported on Monday, was injured a 24-year-old medic easily. The officers were able to locate in the proximity of another bullet of an air rifle. Apparently, a traffic mirror was shot. The police is now looking for witnesses.

source: the police of Mainz

Darßer Ort: motor yacht sunk, two men from Baltic sea

saved The sea rescuers of the German Maritime rescue service (DGzRS) have on Sunday two men from the Baltic sea. At about 16.30 hours, the Skipper of a motor-registered yacht, strong water break-in. The boat had around to anchor four kilometres to the West from the Darßer place due to an engine failure. Due to the high swell of water came into the rear, and the boat sank. The two 40-Year-old shoots with lifejackets in the Baltic sea and held on to each other, as the rescue crews discovered them and safe out of the water could pull.

source: The Maritime search and rescue

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