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problems at the time of Check-in British Airways – extent unclear (9.21 PM)Prime Minister of Saxony, includes a coalition with the AfD again clear from (8.54 PM)girl murders in Romania – notes on the third victim (8.40 PM)FBI: death shooter of Dayton was to “violent ideologies” interested (0.42 hours), and North Korea’s Recent missile test was a “warning” to the United States and South Korea (0.08 PM)

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+++ 9.21 PM: problems at Check-practice in British Airways – extent unclear +++

Due to problems at check-in need to numerous passengers of British Airways flights in patience. “Hello, this Morning we have some system issues which have an impact on the Online Check-in for all. We apologize and suggest to try again later,” said the Airline in the short message service Twitter. The exact extent of the problems in the middle of summer vacation, however, was initially unclear.

At the Gatwick airport near London were formed long queues. An airport spokesman said on request of the German press Agency, that, to his knowledge, had also affected other Airports. British Airways stressed, however, that it was a global failure of the computer systems. “We are working with Backup and manual systems to keep things in motion,” said the airline.

+++ 9.03 PM: Kretschmann against the ban on intra-German flights +++

the Baden-württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann holds in his own words, little bit of a ban on intra-German flights. He did not think so much of this debate, said the Green politician of the German press Agency in Stuttgart. “We need to go the other way and attractive Alternatives to offer.” So you should work on technical solutions to non-refueling such aircraft with synthetic fuels, so as not to harm the environment. In addition, a kerosene would have introduced expensive and attractive Alternatives, such as fast rail lines developed. “Short flights from Stuttgart to Frankfurt or Munich are nonsense, but on flights to Berlin, I can not do without,” he said.

+++ 8.54 PM: Prime Minister of Saxony, includes a coalition with the AfD, again, clear out +++

Three and a half weeks before the state election in Saxony’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has ruled out a coalition with the AfD, again, categorically. “There will be no government with the AfD,” said Kretschmer in the ARD”morning magazine”. In the AfD there is a “strong flow”, which would remind you of the NPD. “This makes us Worried,” said the CDU politician.

to design, He accused the party of being a “caricature” of the Situation in Saxony. The AfD attempts to create a “Protest vote”. The Prime Minister said in addition to the address of potential AfD voters, they achieved this only, that in Saxony, no stable government is formed could be. The Saxon AfD top candidate Jörg Urban ready, however, was the conversation. “We are in dialogue,” said Urban in “morning magazine”. The most Important thing is for the AfD is that they get the most votes of all the parties.

+++ 8.40 PM: girl murders in Romania – notes on the third victim +++

In a suspected serial murder case in Romania, investigators may have encountered the Remains of a third victim. The suspects stated that is near to the südrumän of the city of Caracal, the investigators found bone fragments and teeth, informed the public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday evening. “The court of local doctors came to the conclusion that the Remains of the examined bone fragments are most likely of human origin,” it said in the document.

In Romania was triggered by the case of the 15-year-old Alexandra, who was disappeared in month-on-month, great sense of shock and outrage. Because before his murder, the girl had called three Times by the police and desperately explained that it held captive, and raped to get hit. The police had done nothing about it. The suspect was arrested just over a week.

+++ 8.02 PM: deforestation of the Brazilian rain forest fast + accelerates++

The deforestation of the rain forest in Brazil has rapidly accelerated. In July, the area of the destroyed forest was almost four times higher than in the same month of the previous year, as the Brazilian Institute for space research (INPE) announced on Tuesday. The Institute is providing satellite images to the state of the Brazilian Amazon forest, the “lungs of the earth” and in the global climate protection has a vital role to play.

+++ 7.36 PM: Heavy Explosion rocked Kabul +++

A huge Explosion has rocked the Afghan capital, Kabul. The cause was initially unclear. The Explosion occurred in the West of the city, as a spokesman for the interior Ministry announced. A massive cloud of smoke rose.

The Explosion was in a long distance, the Windows of shops burst, according to eyewitnesses. Whether it was Dead or injured, was initially uncertain. In Afghanistan, where at the end of September presidential elections to be held, had been committed in the past weeks, several severe attacks.

+++ 6.18 PM: a Little Boy suffocated in Vietnam in school bus +++

In Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, a six-year-old Boy choked to death in a school bus, where they had forgotten him. The child was found in the afternoon – after nine hours – in the last row of the parked bus, as the school announced. Obviously, had in the morning with no one out, that he had remained sitting.

The little Vietnamese was no longer according to the school already conscious when he was discovered. Shortly after admission to hospital he had died then. The Boy went to an international school, Gateway International School. The police have initiated investigations to clarify the exact circumstances of his death.

+++ 5.08 PM: Merkel’s Africa Commissioner: From Tönnies referred to problems of “real,” + + +

The Personal Africa representative of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Günter Nooke (CDU), calls to the criticism of the Statements of the Schalke Supervisory Board Chairman Clemens Tönnies have an honest debate on this topic. “The Tönnies-mentioned problems such as the Disappearance of the rainforest and population growth on the African continent are real and must be talked to and possibly controversial to be discussed,” said Nooke the editorial network in Germany.

Tönnies had criticized the day of the craft in Paderborn last week, tax increases in the fight against climate change. Instead, one should Fund dear annual 20 power plants in Africa n. “stop the Africans to cut down trees, and stop when it is dark, to produce children,” said Tönnies, wants to leave office now for three months rest. The Schalke honorary Council announced after a meeting on Tuesday evening, that the accusation of racism was unfounded, Tönnies, however, against the in the articles of Association and in the guiding principles, enshrined the prohibition of discrimination is violated.

+++ 5.05 PM: Kretschmann: “I hold this whole Moralisiererei little” +++

The baden-württemberg Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, want to dictate to the people according to their own words, not a life style – not even for climate protection. “I hold of this whole Moralisiererei little,” said the Green politician of the German press Agency with a view to the debate on the flight of shame. “Rumzumoralisieren is not the task of parents, of educators, of churches, of philosophers, of the company at all – but of the policy.” It is the task of politics to tell people what they can and cannot eat and what is not and how you move. “This is part of the personal life of leadership.”

The policy, but had to arrange things so that the environment will be prohibited harmful conduct expensive and in the extreme case. You should offer practical solutions instead of moralizing. “If my policy leads to the fact that people like Trump rule, have I done something wrong,” said Kretschmann. “Therefore, we are talking about a CO2 pricing, and not about whether you are allowed to fly.”

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language skills in the school

What is at stake in the debate over English skills of primary school children?

DPA +++ 4.59 PM: private schools in clear inlet are in the Trend +++

private schools in Germany – with constant or rising pupil numbers in the individual Federal States. This is the result of a survey of the German press Agency. Private schools include the Waldorf and Montessori schools, or facilities funded by the churches. You must all be state-approved and have a “heterogeneous student body,” as the Association of German private school associations stressed. Every eleventh student to learn in a private school.

From the point of view of the education and science trade Union (GEW), the impact of private schools but “socially selective” and will exacerbate the social divide. Union group Vice Carsten Linnemann had triggered with a Statement about the often inadequate language skills before school Enrolment vertebrae. He had said the “Rheinische Post” also: “Until deep into the middle class, I witness parents who send their children to private schools, because the level in state schools is declining.”

+++ 4.44 PM: US police officers to lead Black people in Texas knits +++

In the US, a photo has caused outrage, to be taken away on the two police horses and a captured Black with a rope. The chief of police in the Texas town of Galveston apologized for the actions of the officials. The two white cops would have put a “bad judgment” on the day, said Vernon Hale. You would have added to the African-Americans Donald Neely “unnecessary shame” part. Nevertheless, the police chief stressed that the method was a “trained technique”, which, in certain cases, the “best practice”.

+++ 3.09 PM: Star Director Guillermo del Toro with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame +++

The Mexican Star Director Guillermo del Toro to be honored has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and has used the ceremony for a political appeal. The Oscar winner called on people a few days after the suspected racially-motivated firearms attack of El Paso, to not let fear of the columns.

+++ 2.23 PM: the Pentagon-experts warn against resurgence of the IS in Syria and in Iraq +++

experts of the Ministry of defense have warned of a resurgence of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria and Iraq. In Syria the militia out of use after the withdrawal of U.S. soldiers, the weakness of local security forces, said in a Tuesday report submitted to the Pentagon inspector General. The US withdrawal was made, although the of the United States to support a Syrian Democratic forces had made it clear that more Training and equipment for Anti-terrorist action required.

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woman bepöbelt in a traffic jam Savior, the fight for a human life: “have an appointment”

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